Can’t contact my router via Internet Explorer

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Remake asked 3 years ago

I am attempting to allow this computer to host Warcraft III. I've set up a static IP on the computer: : however, when I enter this static IP into the browser, it automatically goes to the Windows LiveSearch page. I've checked my IP over and over again via ipconfig /all in command prompt, and it's showing and I can also connect to the internet, that is, go to any site OTHER than my IP address.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

In your IPCONFIG results, look at your Gateway. I'm guessing it's

Whatever the Gateway, in the IE address bar, enter or whatever your Gateway is.

You won't be able to do and get a web page because be default IIS isn't installed on XP or Vista.

Once you get to your router, under the port fowarding section, forward any ports related to WoW to

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