Can’t Block A Website.

heepbigchief asked 3 years ago

Does anyone know how I can have facebook blocked in my hosts file

yet I still can access the facebook website?

I turned on my packet sniffer and went there again and then added

yet I can still access the site. I have nothing to do with facebook and I don't want my computer to be able to access it so what could be going on here?

2 Answers
Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Depending on what exactly it is that you're trying to block, can't your antivirus block it?

Since Facebook might be operating a distributed farm, you're going to need an entry for every possible server you might hit when Facebook is called up. If you try long and hard enough, you might get all the entries in that would block it, but you'd be better off with some kind of Web blocking software that is more application aware. Otherwise, you might block the site, but still get Farmville or FB chat, etc. One example is It's a free filter from, a very well known and respected firewall and security appliance manufacturer. I think that would be a better option for you. For a single PC or a small number of them, anyway.

heepbigchief answered 3 years ago

Strange though, I tried going to these sites you see listed and they are blocked but is also in the hosts file but is not blocked.

I added

and now facebook is blocked AFTER I added the www.

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