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Raydeon asked 3 years ago

Hello all,
I have been searching for a resolution for this issue off and on for a few years now. I have found ways around the issue up until now. Here is my issue. I have a comcast business connection plan with a static external IP. I run many services through this plan. Everyone from outside my network can successfully connect to my services (I.E. communication programs and websites). However, I just made a major overhaul on my website and really would like to view the website as my customer would view it, as there appear to be some inconsistancies. Thus far, the only way I can check the website is to connect directly to the machine via my local network. I have spoken to comcast many, many times and always get a "well, we are unsure" answer as to why this happens. One techinician mentioned something about a "loop-back" feature which may be preventing me from connecting to my external IP as it creates "redundancy." Is there anyone that can help pinpoint this issue, or have a way of correcting it? Comcast has insisted repeatedly that it is my modem, but have switched the modem (even the brand), in an attempt to resolve it, with no luck. I strongly believe it is something within their service that is causing it. I know my way around networks, but it is possible there is something that I am overlooking, which is why I am asking here.

Equipment: I am currently running a SMC8014WG modem/router combo (from comcast). It does enter a switch from there, but the switch has no effect if removed from the situation (I've checked many times).

I have also attempted to set an additional router behind this one with a DMZ through to the second router. This also has no effect on the situation.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would really, really like to get this issue resolved as it is a massive pain in the rear.


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Raydeon,

Thanks for your question.

Please only post your questions once. It helps us keep this place tidy. 🙂

I too have a business account with Comcast. There are some services that will allow you to do exactly what you want to do, but Comcast isn't one of them. I'm not exactly sure of the proper terms, but "loop back" sounds about right.

If you think about it, your equipment is being efficient. Why should it send a request externally that will only end up coming back to you anyway?

Your best option would be to set up remote access to an outside computer and view the website/test open ports from there.

Another option would be if you've got a mobile hotspot, enable that and connect a laptop to that connection....then view your website.

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