Can the police trace a yahoo email?

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swramsay asked 3 years ago

We received a disturbing and harassing email yesterday from a person (we believe) that was court ordered to stop emailing us. It looks as though he created an email account specifically to send us the email and then deleted it. The email address that he used was. The body of the message was similar to the email address plus he added "I hope you die now!!!" Very disturbing since I have been fighting for my life with cancer and I have a young child. I called the police to see if they could find out who it was. The officer wasn't sure but is checking with someone in forensics. From what I have read hear, I can only find out the city and state? Could the forensics dept access more information than that? If not, this person who is harassing us certainly knows what he can get away with - even under court orders to cease.

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

I hope you don't mind, but it *is* possible that the email did not *actually* come from that Yahoo account you cited. So I wouldn't want someone inadvertantly tagged for spam because their email address was posted here.

Anyway, yes, with appropriate legal request, Yahoo can provide additional information about the person who sent that email. This does, of course, depend on whether the email actually originated from Yahoo. Every email program of which I know, and quite a few Web-based email sites will let users set the "From" line to whatever the user wants.

Did you verify the sender with the information in our Trace the Email page?

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