Can I transfer old computer’s IP to new commputer?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: IP QuestionsCan I transfer old computer’s IP to new commputer?
wants2know asked 3 years ago

I bought my wife a new laptop. I also have one and we are both on the same local network (linksys router). When I come to this site with either computer I get the same IP address. I tried to get the new computer on the network and it won't talk to the router. Is this because I don't have an IP assigned to the new computer?

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

That sounds like the most likely situation, yes. Most linsys routers have the ability to automatically assign IP Addresses to computers and other devices, as long as the devices successfully connect. Depending on the exact settings on your Linksys router, either that new PC isn't successfully connecting or, as you said, it's not getting an IP Address.

bigmuny answered 3 years ago

wants2know...I can't believe no one went through the process to try to help you establish connection...first what OS are you running on your laptop and is it wireless??
Next look in your lower right hand side taskbar and left click on your internet connection icon, click it one time and see what the name is of any connections..choose the one with the most green bars...
If you are wireless you should see multiple connection possibilities however right click on the one showing a connection or the name of your main computer connection to see if it shows connect or disconnect..if it shows connect click on it and you will probably have to enter a passkey..this will be the same passkey as your main computer is using or what is assigned to your router. There should be a box to click where it will show the characters. After entering these numbers then click on connect and see if that will allow you access..if not tell me what happened.

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