Can I get proof of an IP address hacking attack? How?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: IP QuestionsCan I get proof of an IP address hacking attack? How?
anakiki1989 asked 3 years ago

I need to know if I can find evidence against the hacker or if i can track the hacker!
He has used my ebay to sell fake things and used my paypal to receive money, he has sent money from my first paypal account to my other paypal account (I have two) and then to my bank account (maybe to try to get me into trouble)... im scared of being falsely accused of something I did not do because ebay paypal and those sytes have my IP address so they think I did those transactions (thats why i need to know if i can get any proof)!

He also got hold of pictures of my family and my baby daughter, I dont know how did he manage to get my bank account info as i think he has not been to my online account (i may be wrong)!

I have checked and havent got no virus or trojans! I have also restored my laptop to its original settings as advised ( but someone told that by doing restore may have destroyed any evidence) but i didnt knew!
I also used to leave my laptop running 24/7 and apparently my firewalls are off and I dont know how to reverse that! Also I have a system in my computer from norton that keeps all my log-ins so i can log-in with only one click it will automatic fill in email/username and passwords I also do not know how to turn that off!


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

First things first. Change ALL of your passwords to strong passwords.

Password is not a strong [email protected] is a strong password.

Next, contact ebay and paypal and let them know of the transactions.

This person most likely did not hack your computer. They probably just figured out your password in order to get in to these sites.

Depending on when this happened, ebay and paypal may have the IP from where the individual logged on to the sites. From there, you can find out the users ISP. Now, if you contact the ISP, I doubt they'll give you the user who was tied to that IP at the time, you'll probably have to get the police involved.

If you didn't lose anything monetarily, I don't know that I'd worry too much about it beyond changing the passwords.

Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

Go to the police. He is a criminal. We are a technology forum. Even if you find this person, you will require a law enforcement agency to handle this for you.

I understand you are anxious to conduct your own investigation, however you are thinking in the wrong direction. Supposing I discovered my wife shot dead outside our home. Which of the following should I do?

1) Go to a gun forum and start asking questions about to determine the type of firearm used to kill her.
2) Call the cops.

You know the answer.


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