Can i change my ip

radiomando asked 3 years ago

hello all. first post here. great site btw. i have been reading a lot about changing ip's with long leases, and spoofing the mac address on my cable modem to change the ip. my question is: can i simply place a router(dont have one presently connecte) in line with the modem to change the ip address. if i understand correctly, the modem registers the first component it is attached to. if this is the case, the way im understanding it is, connecting a router will automatically get me a new ip. can anyone comment on this? thanks a lot.

1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Since your router has its own unique MAC address, if your ISP is assigning IPs using DHCP (very likely), which assigns IPs based on the MAC address, then you should get a new IP.

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