Can Centurylink find the IP address of my router?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: IP QuestionsCan Centurylink find the IP address of my router?
lyndamcginley asked 3 years ago

I have a second home network setup in a different state. I have Centurylink and DynDNS setup on a pc and my DSL router. However, 14 days ago I lost connectivity to this network.

If I call CenturLink should they be able to tell me my new IP address if in fact DHCP is the culprit? My real concern is why this happens. I know it takes time for DynDNS to update but 14 days is too long.

Any insight to this problem is greatly appreciated. My next thing to try is to put the router on a timer and have it reboot every couple of days....

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question lyndamcginley.

There are a couple of alternatives. The Router itself may have an option to force a reboot periodically which may help depending on the real problem.

The problem may be that CenturyLink has done an upgrade to your DSL Modem causing the default settings to be applied. If you call them, they can tell you if the Modem is online and what the IP is. If you have a specific port forwarded to something inside the home, they can probably repair that as well. Also they can issue a reboot signal to the Modem.

You might try calling CenturyLink and ask them to give you what is called a sticky IP address. It's not really a Static IP, it just always gives you the same IP address based on the MAC Address of either the Modem or Router. This common for people that have security systems and cameras that can be monitored over the Internet.

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