Can a good hacker find the IP address?

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Nessie asked 3 years ago

Hi, I need some help. Someone managed to get hold of a phone I used recently when I was abroad. On it I remained logged onto Facebook. Back in the uk there is no service on it but someone managed to get hold of my phone and use their iPhones personal hotspot to link to it and send a Facebook message plus a photo to my friends. This person deleted the message from my Facebook account after it was sent to everyone but the photo wasn't. I only saw there was a message when a friend responded to it. Is there anyway that I can trace the IP address of this person using the Facebook message they sent from my account. How accurate would the IP address be? If the person tracing it had the skill would they be able to find out exactly who it was? Any help would be much appreciated. X

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Nessie.

Great questions.

First, in Facebook, from a desktop computer, click on the little lock up in the right hand corner. At the bottom of that menu, choose See More Settings. Once the page opens, in the left navigation menu, select Security. Find "Where You're Logged In" and click Edit on the right hand side. This shows all the devices where you're currently logged in. Choose the mobile device that was lost and click End Activity. This will log that person out of your Facebook account.

I think it would be wise to change your Facebook password at this point as well.

As far as finding the phone, unless you have the Find My iPhone app with this phone, just having the IP address isn't going to get you an accurate location of the device.

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