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lelothebest asked 3 years ago

well hello all .
1)i want to some one to help me to get a public ip .
at first , every time i run a game server . for call of duty 2 or any .
no one can join my server coz i have local ip .
for example . i see that my ip is :
and not what i see on
so i wanted to have a public ip so players can join and see my server .
2)i installed on my pc " xampp web control " and my web page for that xampp . is localhost or
and i want to forward this and make it work public to my static ip ( )
so when ppl write my ip http://myip they will seemy " xampp web page "
hope u understand me .
i got :
TWN .Siemens SL2-141 Router .

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

The 127.x.x.x and the 10.x.x.x are your internal IP addresses. The IP you see at is your public IP address.

You'll need to forward the appropriate ports in your router to the internal IP address of the computer that is hosting your game.

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