Browsing via VPN to Machine in Another Country?

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Does anyone know how I could get access to another machine that is hosted in another country so that I can use a browser from my local location but be remotely connected to a machine in another country, having the IP address assigned in that country?

In short, one of my clients wants to test access to its local app from other countries, however they want to be able to control the tests from browsers that are locally accessible (via VPN or any easy remote connection solution).

Does anyone have any ideas? Are there ISP providers in other countries that can help with this type of thing?

Test Description: Web App runs on Server in New York. Testers sit in New York. Testers open up different browsers that represent remote connections to consistent IP addresses in different countries (Example: one browser to a machine in India, one browser to a machine in Australia, etc.). From the browsers in NY that are connected to those remote machines, they access the web server in New York and test the functionality of the application.

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

I think you're on the right track about looking for a VPN service. I don't have any service recommendations but it could certainly be done easily, for example, if you have a remote office in those countries.

Doing it at the browser level can be tricky. I suppose you can set up proxy servers and use a fast proxy switching application (perhaps a firefox plugin) to switch proxies and test from other originating countries.

In either case, you need access to a VPN or proxy server in another country. There are quite a few websites out there that list free proxies that you can use at your own risk.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

I may be misunderstanding, but I don't think what you're describing is viable. Users in NY running browsers in NY, trying to test a connection from India, Australia, etc? I mean, you could set up proxies and have the browsers use those proxies. But there are several ways that doesn't work as a test. For example, the proxy itself could malfunction. Not pass Flash, or Javascript, whatever. Secondly, the two-way traffic means that you're using up bandwidth just to connect. Unless you setup two connections, one just for the proxying, and one for the outbound. That gets complicated.

Some colocation providers will let you rent a box, and then you can install virtual machines into that box. Not cheap, but once the VM's are installed, you install the browsers, and then use VNC or RDP or LogMeIn or some such service to control the VM's remotely and test that way.

A VPN is your best secure connection option, whichever way you go. Unless you've got the budget for a dedicated international line.

rstrength answered 3 years ago

Check out (StrongVPN)...they have many servers throughout the world that quite likely will meet your needs. Yes, it is a paid service, but it is very reasonable and very reliable. I've been using them for 9 months with no problems.

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