blocked site accessible from PC on network

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Relztrah asked 3 years ago

In my router's settings I can block websites or use keywords to block sites containing those words. I have several sites blocked and when I attempt to access one of those sites with my PC I get the message 401 The web site is blocked by administrator. But I can go to another machine on my (wired) network and access that same site. The other machine is not using a wireless signal from elsewhere; it is on the same wired network and connected to the same router. The only difference is that one has XP and the other Win 7.

Any suggestions?

2 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

I've never used this feature before, but looked at it in my router and see that there's an 'Edit PC List' in the settings section. Perhaps not all of your PC's are listed. From what I can tell, you can add a range of IPs to be included.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Wimiadmin is probably right. Home routers and firewalls tend to be designed more like electronic parents than as fireWALLS. Know what I mean?

So you probably just need to redesign/reenter the scope of those firewall rules to cover all IP's. If that's what you intend.

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