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desertfox0526 asked 3 years ago

Hi, I am a newbie in networking and hope you can still advice me on this:

I have a biometric server installed in BRANCH 1. Existing configuration is that they already have some BRANCHES(2-24) that has a biometric installed and it can connect to their server. My problem is that when I try to add another biometric in another BRANCH #25, I cannot connect it to the server in BRANCH 1.

I confirm that biometric I installed is functional since I tried testing it one BRANCH that has a biometric that can connect to the server. In branch #25, I tried to PING and I can able to ping the PUBLIC IP address but I cannot still connect to the server. In biometric network setting, the IP, Subnet, Gateway and Server IP was correctly set and also set the correct TERMINAL PORT #.

BTW, connection is WAN.

Please advice me on this.


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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

I don't fully understand what your doing but I am sure that a Biometric Server is similar to any other server. If all of the settings are correct and it doesn't work on the new branch, perhaps you have reached the license limitations of the server software.

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