Bell 2wire all ports are automatically blocked when I open them.

Micro asked 3 years ago

Hi, here is my problem. On both of my PCs, I am trying to host a private server for a game.. BUT, everytime I am opening a port on my bell 2wire gateway, it gets automatically blocked by IDK what ! Here's the proof :

I am fully [I][/I] off by this. Something is sure, this problem comes from the router or from the ISP, because I tried at my home and at my parent's home and we have the same router/modem... and the problem is the same too. I tried to open ALL my ports and it changes nothing, they're all blocked, I closed all firewalls/anti-virus. Dear Bell, I hate you.

Thanks to anyone who finds what is the problem !

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Micro.

Please watch the language.

When you say you "open ALL my ports", what do you mean? How are you "opening" them. Ports need to forwarded to some device on your network, not just opened.

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