Belkin Forwarding aint working

Rutger asked 4 years ago


I'm trying to forward some ports to put my gameserver on i did as following i putted myself on the DMZ changed my ip to static turned off windows firewall and virusscanner and filled in the (see image)
But when i check the ports with it says ports closed

Plz Help

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for including a screen shot....that helps us out tremendously.

I'm not sure of the exact problem as of yet, but with the game server in the DMZ, technically you wouldn't have to forward ports as the DMZ is designed to put a specific computer 'next' to the router instead of behind the router.

So with the .22 computer in the DMZ, all ports should be open to that computer.

Instead of disabling the windows firewall, you may have to make exceptions similar to what you've done in your router. If for some reason the firewall service gets restarted, the ports will be blocked.

As long as your virus scanner doesn't have a built in 'internet security' or firewall type of program, then I doubt there would be an issue with leaving the anti virus on....unless you're turning it off just for performance reasons.

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