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stinkpot asked 3 years ago

If I have several computers, am I able to talk directly from computer to computer via the internet or via an in home wifi just by entering the address in the search box. I tried it ( in home), and it doesn't work. Thanks, ST

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

I'll go with the notion that Windows 7 is your operating system.

As Windows has advanced over the years, networking computers together has become a bit easier. If you do have Windows 7, you should be able to locate your homegroup password, enter this password on each device and they'll all magically connect to each other. If you want to share files/folders, you'll need to do this individually from each computer.

From that point, you can then go to the search box and type 192.168.1.x (ip of the computer you wish to connect to, or computername and be able to see the shared drives.

If you're running an OS that's pre Windows 7, you'll need to make sure each computer is in the same Workgroup. Then share files/folders and connect the same way via the search box mentioned above.

That's the basics.

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