Basic IP Question – prob simple for you :S

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fgib57 asked 3 years ago

Hello All...
- I'm a new girl so please be gentle with me - lol... my question is very 'noob' so I'm sure you can help me work this out - thank you in advance 🙂

This is a question relating to possibly being ripped off in my business, so its really important as I'm only a small/new business and can't afford the problems of fraud.

If the first 3 areas of an ip was say:


- and my last 2 was say 12
- could somebody else be 23 ??

if I'm is it likely
that is a completely different
and is yet another
address or is it likely to be the same address?

Does that make sense?

Many thanks

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi new girl : ) Thanks for your question. and are 2 different IP addresses and can belong to 2 different people. However because they have the 123.123.123.x in common the IPs are most likely being assigned from the same source (ISP) so this could be someone like your neighbor or someone a few streets over or someone on the same ISP as yours yet they live very far apart.

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