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ConfusedVet asked 3 years ago

I'm a vet living at a facility in North Carolina. The building is a motel that was converted for permanent residents. We have a server and three wireless routers posted around the facility. The problem is that we lose internet connections and get a constant low speed on our connection. The advisor to our director tells him that somebody is using some sort of an IP grabber to gobble up the bandwidth, leaving little for the rest of us. Does this sound possible? We have to have a password and user name. I've read what is posted about IP addresses, etc., but I haven't found anything on this subject. Thanks for your help.

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

Well, I suppose it's possible. However before suspecting the folks round about, perhaps you should consider the location of the routers, the number of users and the expected radius of operation.

I live in a condo complex in which there are about 30 secured wireless routers nearby. I found changing the channel number on the router made a big improvement to my wireless connection.


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