Badly Need help regarding dynamic IP…

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blackproject asked 3 years ago

hello to all.

i just got my highspeed internet couple of days back & ive been trying to learn different things regarding ip configuration.

my isp has given me a dynamic ip, so far nothing is wrong with it but when i try to connect to my favorite online game here in the philippines, it seems that i could not connect to the game. it has been a common problem here with this isp. i checked my connections and found out that im connected to the internet. I found out that there is a specific ip address that could and couldn't connect to the game server.

Ive been trying to turn off and on my modem till morning just get the specific ip address. its the only resolution they could suggest to me and luckily i got one.

Is there any way that i could hold on to this ip even when i turn my modem off?

all of my network connection settings are set to auto detect.

i really need everyone's help.

thanks in advance. 🙂

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

technically, yes you can hold on to an ip address, but once your isp finds out you are doing so, they'll most likely terminate your connection.

The best thing to do is once you get an ip you like, just don't turn the modem off. After a period of time (which your ISP determines), you will get a new IP, but then, and only then will you need to worry about resetting the modem until you get another IP that is acceptable to connect to your online game.

By leaving the modem on means you may only need to reset the modem once a week, once a month, etc. You'll just have to keep an eye on your IP address. Note the time/day you receive the IP and the time/day your ISP gives you a new one without you having to reset the modem.

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