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DaveB asked 3 years ago

Hello all, I work for a small CCTV company who doesnt specialize in IP work but we have been getting into a lot of IP addressing for different programs that require it or DVR'S to be accessed remotely. Scenario: PROJECT: Software program that allows access in and out of doors (electronic strikes). The business we did the work for has a LAN 520 network card which allows them to have multiple sites that they can access from a central location. STEPS: Get the MAC address off the network card AND Obtain a unique IP address to assign to the LAN 520 NOTE: The IP address is assigned by the LAN Admin( Which they do not have) MY QUESTION: How do I find an IP address I can use? The business was running dynamic ip addresses but since this program required a static IP their local ISP came in and installed a static modem with an address already configured to it (which i cant use) I believe I need to find an IP address and assign it into the static modem, but how do I find an IP address I can use? I know since not knowing how their network is set up it is difficult but even a general answer or something to get me started, I been at this for quit a while now, thanks!

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Are all of the devices going to be open to the web, or are you going to put them on a LAN and possibly reach them via VPN or something else?

If you need to put them all on the web, the ISP should be able to answer all your questions.

If you're going to put them all on the LAN, the key is to locate what device is handling DHCP. Look at the scope, and start using static IP addresses that are outside of that scope.

For example, if the scope is through, you could safely use IP addresses in the range, as long as nothing else has a static IP in that range (the router might be using the .254).

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