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yohoonguyen asked 3 years ago

I've have visit this website, and i sign up just to find out what it is about, and i put my bogus email and see what happen, then i verified that email then i visit the site again see if i can access to explore what the site was about, then i received a email from them saying that, i owed them $80 dollars, from my email address and they recorded my IP address and also my ISP provider, and the auto email said that if i dont pay them the money, they might file a lawsuit because of fruad, can they really do that with my IP that they got off my bogus email address?

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

So they let you sign up before paying them? They're just trying to get $80 out of you. Don't pay them. They have the power to cut off your account at any time.

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