Any way to change my Public IP address? Currently Blacklisted, dont know what to do.

jake sons asked 2 months ago

I moved my Modem yesterday from one room of the house to another. Had a technician from comcast/xfinity do it since the outlet was not active.
Im guessing in this time I got a new Ip address maybe just randomly or idk. But this new address is this
Almost everytime that I go into a website I have to do a captcha from Cloudflare to prove I am not a robot, if I refresh I have to do it again. I cannot play games, watch netflix as it tells me I am using a proxy which I am not.
I called Xfinity support and they keep blaming my modem but everything was working great until this change yesterday.
Dont know what else I can do.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Jake. I think the first step is to unplug our modem overnight. This might allow someone else to get the IP you're currently assigned meaning you'd get a new IP once you plug the modem back in.

Let me know how that works out and we'll go from there.

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