Another Major Problem.

heepbigchief asked 3 years ago

Does anyone know why a bank would not be receiving my emails? I have business with the bank and my contact at the bank uses a bank issued corporate email address per their computers, servers or whatever. I use a Yahoo email address for this and they use their bank branded email address and both coming and going are SSL but my contact is not receiving my emails and the emails or me aren't in his inbox, filtered, trash, spam or bulk section.

This could be a glitch or some kind of subversion. If it is subversion it's really rookie because an interceptor would have enough savvy not to throw up a red flag by taking the email instead of copying the email while making sure that is is still delivered.

Another strange thing that suggests that the guy at the bank might be lying through his teeth is that when we are on the phone and on the same email accounts doing a test the emails go through within 5 seconds but when we aren't on the phone my emails to him mysteriously vanish into thin air so I'm stuck with trying to figure out if this is a glitch, some kind of subversion or the guy is lying.

What do you think?

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

I'd say go to the bank's Web site, find their "Contact Us" page, and send an email to their customer service contact that your representative claims not to receive your emails, and give the rep's name and email address.

I have a feeling the rep will suddenly figure out where all those emails went.

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