another 2 router setup for the gurus

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bob67cam asked 3 years ago

ok so i have a linksys in front running the 3 pcs in the pc room and 1 lan running to a d-link wireless router in the living room which has a lan going to the XBOX and wireless inet to my garage pc
i get inet out there at 80% or better so im good there, however i cant seem to find anything in the pc room pcs meaning the xbox or the garage pc, i.e. i want to share files between the pc room and the garage but i cant "see" those
all have the same network group name
the linksys ip is the normal and the d-link is o and i cannot see the d-link router from my pc room either, but again i do have internet at every pc
hopefully someone can help me, but remember to use small words for me..lmao:p

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

I think if you disable DHCP on the dlink you should be good.

But, AboveTheLogic is our 2 router specialist here so hopefully he'll chime in and give his expert opinion.

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