An IP thats never home.

katrinaxx asked 3 years ago

Im a newbie here, so 1st off Hello.

Question: I'm in Tucson. Internet provider for years has been Qwest. IP addy ALWAYS showed up as a Tucson location. For the past month my IP addy is showing up as if it's in Montana. The month prior it was showing up as if it was in Virginia.

Anybody know why?  😕


1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question katrinaxx.

The larger the ISP, the more individual blocks of addresses they need to have. Qwest covers nearly half of the continental US. They probably have over a hundred separate blocks of addresses. Most of them manage to get identified to a specific geographic region by the ISP. In the past there were always new addresses available but the IPv4 address scheme is nearly full so new blocks are not available. Sometimes they need more addresses in one place then they have available and have a surplus of addresses somewhere else so you start seeing what you are.

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