After I Have Located The IP Address

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Ace Spades asked 3 years ago

Once you locate and have the originating IP Address, how do you trace it to the person or sites physical home or business address? 😡

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Iseeyou.

Having an originating IP does not necessarily mean you have the home or business true external IP address and even if you did, to trace it to a physical address would require some type of legal effort such as a subpoena. ISP's are required by law to protect the identity of their clients.

Jack Rodgers answered 3 years ago

Start by doing a google search for the IP address such as

This returns a selection of sites with information and one of those will produce a Google Map reference or more information.

Using the Ip Tracker option:

Produces a map location of the ip address. Of course the user may be one of many using the host and the user may be located any where in the world. Or even be a scammer stealing bandwidth or spoofing the address in the email.

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