Accessing security cameras in Cyprus from UK

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jemmyting asked 3 years ago

I am hoping you can help me or point me in the right direction.

My brother in law has had security cameras fitted to his workshop in cyprus using h.264 dvr and he can view these on the tv screens he has fitted over there.

He wants to have the facility to be able to view these cameras while in the uk via his sky broadband on his home PC (windows 7). He was given a disc to install CMS software on his home pc and was then instructed to select device manager and then select a zone/area and input [ip removed for security reasons] where he should then be able to view these cameras.
However, once the ip address is keyed in it returns 'can't connect to device'.

When I key in the given ip address in the address bar in IE it returns 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'

Any help you could give would be appreciated

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi jemmyting,
Thanks for joining the forum and thanks for the question.
You'll need to find the ports being used by the Security Camera DVR. Should be under Settings and Network. Maybe ports 5920 and 5920...that's what mine uses. Yours may be different and may only be one port vs. two.
Once you figure out the port(s) the DVR is using, you'll need to gain access to the router at his shop and port forward those ports to the DVR.
Once you forward the ports, you should be able to gain access via the CMS software. IE may work as well, but you'll need to do http://ipaddress:5920 or http://ipaddress:5921 or whatever the port turns out to be. IE will be prompted to install an activex plugin. Choose ok and the cams should come up in the browser.
I've removed the IP address you put in the previous post so it doesn't get slammed with requests. You should never make that information public.

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