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ni3chavan asked 3 years ago

Hello, We have a medical sw name ImageSuite, where user can access the server and can view diagnostic images of CT,CR USG & MRI by remote viewer. There are 2 situation
1. If the server is connected to internet by using data card- The operator access and know the ip of the server. He/ she inform the ip to the viewer and then the viewer which is coneected to internet either by LAN or data card enter the IP in address bar followed by /ImageSuite. In this situation the remote viewer is able to see the images and patient worklist.
2. If the server is connected to internet by using LAN, or router- remote viewer is not able to access the web viewer using any of the IP given by as well as the ip given to the PC. I beleive, it require some setting for the router.
Will you please guide me to configure the router?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question ni3chavan.

I don't find anything on the Internet for ImageSuite or Image Suite so I am unable to help discover the port needed. Are you using Microsoft Digital Image Suite?

I am reasonably certain that you would need to forward a port in the Router that the Image Server is on. The User Manual for the software should tell you what port to forward, if not, call the manufacturer.

As far as doing the port forward in the Router, that would be Router specific. Administrative access to the Router will be required. If you have IT people,they would know how to do it. If you don't have IT people, provide us the make and model of the Router and we will try to help.

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