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avery ares asked 3 years ago

Hi All,

I have somewhat of a unique problem. I need to be able to run a utility program that lets me reset certain settings in a printer. The twist is I need to be able to do this from my computer but access printers in a entirely different location.

For example I would run the utility program from my home and it would need to be able to access a printer in an entirely different state or even continent. The printer would be connected to each respective parties computers.

If there is a name for this process that would be great too. I am not opposed to research but I am finding it very difficult to search for things similar to this. Most matches i find are mainly remote accessing computers from different locations and do not fit the criteria I need.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


1 Answers
Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

HP has started releasing a line of printers that are Internet-accessible. But there's more involved than just access. Also, the settings that you are trying to change can impact what's possible here.

HP has a Web-based remote management utility called Web JetAdmin. Of course, if you're trying to connect over the Internet as you describe, you need to setup some kind of NAT based on the Public IP's of the networks on which those printers reside.

Assuming, of course, that you're actually the person authorized and tasked with this.

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