A little help please :(

Yourcatdead asked 4 years ago

I play this online game where you can be banned from servers. Anyway, I got banned from a server and I was told to just make my IP dynamic. I need to get into the router and whatnot. And my dad won't let me unplug anything or whatever nor will he give me the router password. So is there anyway I can change my IP? Thanks

2 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

If you can't unplug the router or get into it for that matter, not sure there is anything you can do.

Why did you get banned?

Yourcatdead answered 4 years ago

Well thanks i'll call my ISP I was told to try that. But I got banned from some servers on the game for annoying people I guess. I can't really explain it without telling it in essay form because it's so long. But thanks again guys 😀

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