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grumpybear01 asked 3 years ago

To skip the story I need to know how detailed of IP records facebook logs. Do they just log the IP address of people logging into an account or do they log more specific such as the IP address of who clicked on links to delete material (such as events) from a page?

If you're interested in the whole story, here it is...
My fiance's facebook account was hacked and a major event from his page that involved over 400 people was cancelled, resulting in 400 highly ticked off people who gave him an extremely hard time. I have access to his account and use it regularly for gaming purposes to assist my own account.

I was logged into his account at the time that this event was cancelled because I got the notification pop up saying so, however I did not do it. He has contacted facebook and they said that they would pull the IP address logs for his account.

My fiance is a reasonable man but he would not be forgiving if he thought I did that. Since I was logged in at the time, it would appear that I did it. Will facebook be able to differentiate who clicked what? Or will it just show two IP's logging into the account?

Also, what are the chances that facebook really follows through and reports this information to him?

Thank you for any advice you can offer!

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

The short answer is Yes, facebook, like any other website can track usage by IP address. Including, views, clicks, posts, etc.

Will facebook share this data with you? I seriously doubt it. At most, they might confirm that it wasn't you if you happen to know what your IP was at the time you were logged in to your fiance's account. But I doubt they'll give you an IP address to track down.

The underlying issue here in my opinion are the games, likes, etc. on facebook. Recently, I've seen a lot of my friends 'Like' OMG!!! You absolutely must see this video....you will never eat at McDonald's again. This IS NOT a group on the facebook platform. It takes you to some off .info domain where you have to click to confirm before you can see the video. Because pages like this are outside of facebook, they ARE NOT safe. These people creating these pages in my opinion have malicious intent. As for the games, there are safe ones out there, even I play Mafia Wars and Frontierville....both by Zynga....however, they're getting more promotional so I've cut back on my playing time. No game comes to mind off the top of my head that I can immediately remember as unsafe, but if you stick to a 'reputable' brand you should be fine. Another thing that appears to be spammy/unsafe to me are these 'Horiscope of the day', 'So n So just answered a question about you...click here to find out what they said', etc.

You really have to be careful where you click and what you're clicking on. By clicking these links, you're giving these apps permissions to certain sections of your account. And if it were a malicious game/post/link you may have given them permission to edit events. Or, perhaps your fiance, 'Liked' a malicious link and he gave them permission.

The long answer is, it's more likely that a malicious link caused this behavior over someone actually hacking his facebook account.

EDIT: I may be wrong about giving permission to allow someone to edit events on your account.

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