3 PC,s – one router

pplir2000 asked 4 years ago

Hi Everybody,

My problem is as follows - I have 2 PC's connected to router by ethernet cable, all working ok. I am trying to add a third PC by cable, but just cannot get a connection. It's not the cable - have switched them all around to eliminate that possibility. Have tried ipconfig /renew - no joy. The network card reports that it is connected but cannot get online. All PC's are running XP Pro. Have telephoned Router help line but after repeating everything I have already done they conclude that my PC is not communicating with PC.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Let me know what an IP address is on one of the computers that is connected and what the IP is on the PC that will not connect?

One other thing, when you say connect, do you mean see each other on the network or won't connect to the internet via the router?

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