2nd Laptop Will Not Connect To Internet Through Router

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JackieP asked 3 years ago

Hi I'm having an aggravating problem. I have a D-Link wired EBR-2310 router and 2 laptops: A Dell running on XP, and the other is a Compaq running on Vista. The Dell will connect to the internet just fine, but the Compaq will not. When I try I get a "Page cannot be displayed, server not found" error (or something like that). I tried both Firefox and IE.

When I connect directly through the modem, it's fine. The weird thing is I can log into the router with the Compaq. I've reset the router and power cycled the modem (Comcast) dozens of times, I've even formatted the hard drive.

I don't know what else to do. I'm not a computer expert and don't want to do something that will really screw things up.

Comcast was not much help 😡

As for D-Link, I bought it about 2 years ago so I don't know if I can get tech support.

Is there any more info you need from me?

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

what are the IP addresses you are getting on these computers when they are both connected?

start > run > "cmd" > ipconfig

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