2 computers with same IP address?

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sontay asked 4 years ago

When I did a whatismyip search on each of my two laptops, I got the same IP address, which gives out my hometown, state and country locations via an IP Lookup search. My questions: 1) What is this address? Is it what my ISP assigned my Internet point of access? Who else can see this info? 2) What can I do to hide my locations, especially my hometown and state? Thanks.

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 4 years ago

When you're connected to the internet you are (normally) using two networks. Your local area network (LAN) and the Internet/Wide Area Network (WAN).

Every machine on the local network (LAN) has its own IP address and you can manage it in various ways.

However your IP address on the Internet (WAN) is assigned by your ISP and shared by all the computers on your network. We're reporting that address and that's why it appears to be the same on each of your machines.

You can't hide easily modify or hide your IP address on the Internet. You can't hide your location and state. The address given is usually some junction close to your home - it normally doesn't identify your street and house.

This information is visible to anybody on the internet.

If you wish to 'hide' on the internet, you can use a 'proxy' for access. Your address would then be the address of the 'proxy' and that could be anywhere and depends on the 'proxy' you decide to use.

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