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Why Does My IP Address Show Me at the Wrong Location?

Have you ever put your IP address into an IP Lookup Tool? Did you notice the location is wrong? Ever wondered why your IP shows you at the wrong location? Then perhaps this information will be of interest to you.

When you connect to the internet through a internet service provider(ISP) you are given an IP address that essentially identifies you on the internet. When you connect to the internet through an ISP(cable, DSL, satellite, etc.) your connection goes though a chain of servers to reach a destination. The first few hops in the chain of servers should belong to your ISP. The trace usually varies depending on which IP tracker you use. One could be relatively close to you while another could show you in the wrong city, state, or even country. Your ISP is responsible for updating the location information with the IANA(Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) but with the vast number of servers offering traces on IPs there is no guarantee the information they are using is accurate. This can cause you to receive misleading results when you run a trace through a tracker. The trace information you receive, if accurate, would point to a server belonging to your ISP and not to you.

The reason your ISP is responsible for updating this information with the IANA(www.iana.org) is that the IANA is responsible for IP address allocation and root zone management of DNS(Domain Name System) servers. They essentially designate the rules, numbers, and the DNS servers that you are using are a trusted source. This allows us to trust that the DNS translation we are receiving for "www.iana.org" will actually point us to the IANA website located at

The short answer here is that a trace on your IP will only lead a person to your ISP's network and not to you. Your ISP does keep track of the origination, such as your home or office address, but generally will not release this information without a court order.