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Search IP Address Location

In a search for an IP address location, your results can sometimes hit or miss. No IP geolocation database is 100% accurate. However, combining the data you collect can help you narrow down the location to the correct city.

Find The Owner Of An IP Address

Finding the owner of an IP address can be 100% accurate. Therefore, the owner of an IP address is not usually an individual IP addresses, assigned by IANA, are normally assigned to ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like Comcast or Verizon. Businesses might also own a block of IP addresses. To clarify, these addresses are most likely statically assigned to servers, routers, gateways, etc. Performing an IP Whois Lookup can give you further details and Abuse Contact information. Consequently, abuse contact information is very handy if someone from an IP address is hammering your website. You can block the offending IP and report them as needed.

Steps To Help Your Search

1. Use the search tool on this page and save the results. Opening results in new browser tabs will be more beneficial.
2. Open up the IP Address Lookup tool in a new tab and search for the IP address.
3. Open up the IP Whois Lookup tool in a new tab and search for the IP address.
4. Open up a new tab and search for the IP address using your favorite search engine.
5. Review all data found and try to pinpoint the geolocation based on your findings.


In conclusion, remember to be thorough, and exhaust all possible search outlets. Don't jump to conclusions when finding location data, put the pieces together and follow the path that makes the most sense. Moreover, the reason for searching an IP address is your own and the data is there for you to find.