How To Report IP Abuse

How And When Do I Report IP Abuse?

Knowing how to report IP abuse is critical. All Internet users should understand the process. However, it's especially important if:

  • you manage a network
  • you are in charge of a website
  • your device is connected to the Internet and being attacked from one or more IP addresses

In any of these scenarios, you need to know how to report IP abuse. One of the main reasons to report IP abuse is when you're looking to avoid email phishing scams and other issues.

Chances are the IP address that you are seeing abusing your connection isn't that of the hacker or malware that is attempting to compromise your network or website. Oftentimes, the owner of the IP address isn't aware that their computer is being used as a host. They aren't aware that their computer scanned and attacked other networks, devices, or websites. You find the IP address of the attacker by doing an IP Address Lookup. However, don't assume that's the person attacking you.  It's possible the person was hacked and the device abuse went on without their knowledge.

Steps to Report

To report IP abuse, here's what you should do:

  1. First, review your logs to find the IP address or addresses you feel are attempting to compromise your connection.
  2. Second, use our IP Whois Lookup tool to find out more about the network to which the IP address[es] are assigned.
  3. Third, within the IP Whois Lookup returned results, there will be an email address for the assignee of the IP address. Usually this email is [email protected][]
  4. Finally, use the email address provided to report your findings. The more detail you can provide, the better.

Remember, the IP address you find most likely does not belong to the abuser themselves. Therefore, be kind in your email. The person controlling the devices doing the attacking will most likely thank you for alerting them. They can close the connection and secure their device. They in turn will review their logs to find where the connection came from and report IP abuse to the point of contact for the offending IP address[es].

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