How To Find Almost Anyone Online

Are you looking for a long-lost friend, seeking an out-of-touch relative, or doing a background check on someone to see if they're a good fit for your company? The following article will teach you several ways to find almost anyone online. Although it's possible to find most people online, it's not possible to find everyone. You're going to have to play detective and gather as many clues as you can about the person you seek. Your search could take you down deep, dark pathways, or lead you to dead ends.

The following article explains how to find someone free of charge if you only have their name, their email address, their phone number, or their username.

How Do I Find Someone Online With Their Name?

Where would you begin searching for someone? Would you start with your favorite search engine and their name? It's possible that the search sincerely could be that simple. If you're looking for people, search engines will be your best bet. Open a search engine and type in their name. Enter it in quotes; for example, if your friend is named John Doe, write it as "John Doe."  Using the quotes forces the search engine to return exact matching results first.

When you first find a potentially viable result, before you click it, right click the link and open it in a new tab. Searching for someone can be a rather in-depth process. For this reason, it's best to open several tabs so you don't lose your place. This also allows you to figure out whether or not you're following the right trail. You'll also be able to go back a few steps if you reach a dead end.

If you know other amount of information, put that in the search engine as well. Perhaps you have the city in which they live or a former address. Enter it in the same format that you did previously with the individual's name. Write it as "John Doe" "city," or, alternatively, "John Doe" "city, state." Again, right click on the results and open them in a new tab.

If the person you're searching for has a rather common name, like John Smith, finding them will be a more difficult process. If you search for "John Smith" you might see a lot of results that you don't want. You can remove those from the search by putting a '-' minus sign in front of a word. For example, if the John Smith you're looking for never lived in Florida, you can search "John Smith" -Florida and all results with Florida in them will be removed.

How Do I Find Someone Online With Their Email Address?

What if you don't have their name and only have the email address of the person you are searching? This shouldn't be a problem. Proceed to your favorite search engine and search for the individual's email address in quotation marks. Structure it as "[email protected]" Again, using the quotes forces the search engine to return exact matching results first. Sometimes people will use the first part of their email as their username in online forums or websites. You can try searching for "johndoe" as an alternative.

If you only have their first name and the company for which they work, you can search "john" "company" and go through the results. If it's a large company with lots of doctors with the first name of John, and the John you're looking for is not a doctor, you can search "john" "company" -dr -doctor to narrow your results.

Often times when searching for “first name last name,” social media results will show. You can open those links in a new tab and see if any of them guide you to your person of interest. However, people can get very creative in hiding their real name on social media platforms. I've seen people like John Doe use Dohn Joe, nhoJ eoD, and Doe John. Sometimes they'll use entirely different names from their own, therefore social media isn't the recommended starting place in your search.

How Do I Find Someone With Their IP Address?

You can't find someone with their IP address without a subpoena. However, you can do an IP Address Lookup and get the town in which they live. Even so, that method not always completely accurate even, if they're not using a VPN or Proxy. Though you may get the city, you won't get a physical address. You'll only have a general area, which doesn't narrow down the search.

What prompts someone to search for an individual using their IP address? Perhaps they're feeling angry or have been the vitcim of fraud. There are a lot of reasons, and not all are rational. If someone has wronged you, block them and move on. If they've done something illegal, report them to the authorities, provide the information you have, and move on. You can also consult with an attorney to know your options.


There's no foolproof way to find a person. Hiring a personal investigator is one option if you're serious about it. But doing a search online makes the process far easier. Search engines are a good way for you to search for people free of charge. You'll find public records and likely their current address. Sometimes you'll even get criminal history and criminal records or birth records, all from the search bar.

It's essential to do an online privacy checkup from time to time. This makes it so that some of the above information is not routinely available and is made more difficult to track.  Furthermore, if you are constantly online and browsing the web, it's a good idea to be knowledgeable on what a search engine tracks about you.

If you don't want to be found online, following the online privacy checkup can help. Though others can find you with your IP Address, it's not possible without explicit court orders. Nonetheless, taking the proper precautions and being aware of your own online presence is a wise decision.

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