ASN Lists for Singapore

109Cisco Systems Inc.
174Cogent Communications
203Level 3 Parent LLC
701Verizon Business
984Octopus Web Solution Inc
997Klayer LLC
1217Oracle Corporation
1220Infonet Services Corporation
1281PSINet Inc.
1828Unitas Global LLC
2579Nokia of America Corporation
2824Deutsche Bank AG
2914NTT America Inc.
3257GTT Communications Inc.
3300British Telecommunications PLC
3356Level 3 Parent LLC
3460Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
3549Level 3 Parent LLC
3561CenturyLink Communications LLC
3758SINGNET SingNet
3918Shell Information Technology International B.V.
4058Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4213Krypt Technologies
4229Zenlayer Inc
4318Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
4410Credit Suisse Group
4628Pacific Internet Pte Ltd
4629Pacnet MY
4637Telstra Global
4657StarHub Ltd
4765Pacific Internet Pte Ltd
4773MobileOne Ltd. MobileInternet Service Provider Singapore
4777Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4800PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta
4805Orange Business AS for Oceania
4808China169-BJ China Unicom Beijing Province Network
4809China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network
4812China Telecom Group
4817Simba Telecom Pte Ltd
4844Superinternet Access Pte Ltd
4913Speedcast Communications Inc
5065Bunny Communications
5091Stripe Inc.
5511Orange S.A.
5577root SA
5580GTT Communications Netherlands B.V.
6220inContact Inc.
6279PCCW Global Inc.
6421Tata Communications (America) Inc
6453Tata Communications (America) Inc
6461Zayo Bandwidth
6619Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
6648Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
6660Vodafone Limited
6762Telecom Italia Sparkle S.p.A.
6830Liberty Global B.V.
6939Hurricane Electric LLC
7018AT&T Services Inc. Inc.
7280Oath Holdings Inc.
7310Gartner Group
7387Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
7472Nus Information Technology
7473Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
7540HongKong Commercial Internet Exchange
7589Telianet Hongkong
7595Readyspace Cloud Services
7610NUS Gigapop
76581-Net Singapore Pte Ltd
7695WPPNET-AS-AP Company
7700Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
7713PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Inc.
8069Microsoft Corporation
8075Microsoft Corporation
8220Colt Technology Services Group Limited
8444Janus Henderson Administration UK Limited
8849Melbikomas UAB
8983Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy
9009M247 Europe SRL
92261-Net Singapore Pte Ltd
9234Sol One Application Delivery Network
9247National Institute of Education
9255Singapore Telecom
929221 Tampines Avenue 1
9299Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
9419Nanyang Technological University
9450Webex Communications Inc
9465Po Box A200
9466UUNET Japan Limited
9498Bharti Airtel Ltd.
9506Singtel Fibre Broadband
9605NTT DoCoMo Inc.
9656T-Systems Singapore Pte Ltd
9731St Teleport Pte Ltd
9748DE-CIX Singapore Pte Ltd
97981 International Business Park
9801Beijing Zhongguancun Information Technology Co. Ltd
9827Agilent Technologies Asia-Pacific Zone
9874Starhub Broadband
9877Ngee Ann Polytechnic Computer Center
9890Atos Information Technology Singapore Pte Ltd
9892Iconz-Webvisions Pte. Ltd.
9911Singapore Telecom
9919New Century InfoComm Tech Co. Ltd.
9935AGNS Customer AS
9989Equinix Singapore Pte Ltd
10024LGA International
10031WebSatMedia Pte Ltd Satellite Over IP Singapore
10091StarHub Cable Vision Ltd
10099China Unicom Global
101021Asia Communication Pte Ltd
10117Viewqwest Singapore Pte Ltd Broadband Border AS
10120IBM Sinapore Server Farm
10122Bigo Technology Pte. Ltd.
10143Exetel Pty Ltd
10207Intervolve Pty Ltd
10228Internet Content Provider
10229Internet Content Provider
10236FoxGold Communications
10310Oath Holdings Inc.
10325Ingram Micro Inc.
10376Norwest Services Inc.
10455Nokia of America Corporation
10753Level 3 Parent LLC
10780Pure Storage Inc.
10794Bank of America National Association
10880Oath Holdings Inc.
11158NTT America Inc.
11179Aryaka Networks Inc.
11746Waggener Edstrom
11911The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
12222Akamai Technologies Inc.
12663Vodafone Italia S.p.A.
13043Bayer AG
13150Cato Networks Ltd
13335CloudFlare Inc.
13360Triton Digital
13414Twitter Inc.
13445Cisco WebEx LLC
13483Infor (US) LLC
13517Baker & McKenzie
13721CDK Global LLC
13792Internap Network Services Corporation
14061DigitalOcean LLC
14127Iland Internet Solutions Corporation
14148Ex Libris (USA) Inc
14153Edgecast Inc.
14163Shearman & Sterling
14381Caterpillar Inc.
14413LinkedIn Corporation
14537Continent 8 LLC
14610Integral Development Corp. Inc.
14630Invesco Group Services Inc.
14636Internap Holding LLC
14969Jane Street
15107Latin American and Caribbean IP Address Regional Registry
15133Edgecast Inc.
15169Google LLC
15375Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft
15412Flag Telecom UK Limited
15442Procter & Gamble Service GmbH
15695Expereo International BV
15932Telenor Linx AS
16079Nestle Operational Services Worldwide SA
16276OVH SAS Inc.
16625Akamai Technologies Inc.
16875AON Corporation LLC
17117Ritsnet Inc.
17158Datto Inc
17451Biznet Networks
17457Internet Content Provider
17493Amazon Asia-Pacific Resources Private Limited
17617Nanyang Polytechnic
17639Converge ICT Solutions Inc.
17645NTT Singapore Pte Ltd
17653Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
17733Office of Communications & IT
178318 Burn Road 15-13 Trivex
17886Matrix Networks Pte Ltd
17905Commerzbank AG
17926SCS Singapore Computer Systems
17975AS for Peering Purpose with IX and ISP.
17990Globalnet Communication Ltd.
18004Pt Wireless Indonesia Win
18013ASLine Limited
18106ViewQwest Pte Ltd
18113Pfizer Pte Ltd Singapore Dual Homed
18167HCL Comnet Systems & Services Ltd
18219SAP Asia Pte Ltd
18224AS-CRIMSONLOGIC-AP Converted To ASN-CRIMSONLOGIC-AP For RPSL Compliance Singapore Network Services
18228NCS IDC in Singapore
18254Klayer LLC
18351PT Media Akses Global Indo Internet Provider Jakarta
18391Mediaring Network Services Pte Ltd.
18402National Library Board
18434Fidelity National Information Services Inc.
18666Nokia of America Corporation
18692Neuberger Berman
18705BlackBerry Limited
18723Seagate Technology LLC
18994Covance Inc
19239KLA Corporation
19324DOSarrest Internet Security Ltd
19551Incapsula Inc
19773Motorola Inc.
19807Virtela Communications
19855Masergy Communications Inc.
20464HP Inc.
20473The Constant Company LLC
20868ABB Information Systems Ltd
20940Akamai International B.V.
21326AT&T Global Network Services Nederland B.V.
21342Akamai International B.V.
21509Apollo Management L.P.
21660Baxalta Incorporated
21734Trading Technologies Intl Inc.
21859Zenlayer Inc
22098The Capital Group Companies Inc.
22363Powerhouse Management Inc.
22616Zscaler Inc.
22634Ubisoft Entertainment
22822Limelight Networks Inc.
22894Latin American and Caribbean IP Address Regional Registry
23703Rignet Communication to Remote Locations in Asiapacific.
23711Internet Systems Consortium Inc.
23728Republic Polytechnic. Multihoming As Singapore
23738Bandle City Internet
23764China Telecom Global Limited
23766Electronic Arts Singapore
23855Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network
23856SPTel Pte. Ltd.
23864Singapre Advance Research and Education Network - National Grid Office - Ihpc
23885ORACLEV6-AS-AP Oracle Corporation
23903Akamai Banglore Office ASN
23920Thomson Reuters Hong Kong Limited.
23947PT.Mora Telematika Indonesia
24000JARING Communications Sdn Bhd Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX)
2401218 Science Park Drive
24024Holden Internet AS for Dual ISP Redundancy. Holden
24038Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd NOC and Rim
24063DOCOMO interTouch - India Operation
24075Ministry of Education Singapore
24084Plot No: 3A Sector 126 Sez Noida
24203PT XL Axiata
24247PNAPSIN001-AS-AP InterNAP Network Services
24319Akamai Technologies Tokyo ASN
24429TAOBAO Zhejiang Taobao Network Co. Ltd
24467Deutsche Bank APAC RHO in Singapore Internet AS
24494Chinabanking Corp. AS
24506Yahoo! Taiwan Holdings Limited Taiwan Branch
24546BP Pte Limited Energy Company Singapore
24549Pacificnet Hosting Ltd
24552Avago Technologies Asia-Pacific Zone
25108iomart Hosting Limited
25717Essity Hygiene and Health
26383Baxet Group Inc.
26464Joyent Inc. LLC
27205IHS Global Inc.
27281Quantcast Corporation
28723Nokia Oyj
28959Vitol Services Ltd
29664Flag Telecom UK Limited
29802Hivelocity Inc.
29990Appnexus Inc
30419MediaMath Inc
30524Nexgen Networks
30613Chicago Mercantile Exchange
30644Path Network Inc.
30821H & M Hennes & Mauritz GBC AB
31216BSO Network Solutions SAS
31400firstcolo GmbH
31898Oracle Corporation
32590Valve Corporation
32934Facebook Inc.
33383HP Inc.
33922UAB Nacionalinis Telekomunikaciju Tinklas
34081incubatec GmbH - Srl
34343Eweka Internet Services B.V.
34414Nokia Oyj
34440Host Europe GmbH
34756NEP Media Solutions B.V.
34939NextDNS Inc.
35163Procter & Gamble Service GmbH
35908Krypt Technologies
36131PageBites Inc.
36183Akamai Technologies Inc.
36184Virtu Financial Operating LLC
36224HCL America Inc
36231Tempest Hosting LLC
36351SoftLayer Technologies Inc.
36384Google LLC
36492Google LLC
36692Cisco OpenDNS LLC
37989DCS1-02-AS-AP DCS1 Pte Ltd at DC02
38001NewMedia Express Pte Ltd
38032Internet Content Provider
38077Timor Telecom SA
38136Akari Networks
38137DE-CIX Asia Pte Ltd
38148Qiandra Information Technology PT
38166SCB1-AS-HK-AP Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong Limited.Bank
38242ABN Amro Clearing Sydney Pty Ltd
38258Sony - ASN for Asia Pacific
3831678 Shenton Way 25-01
38321Docomo Intertouch - Headquarter
38489DBS Vickers Securities Online Singapore Pte Ltd
38532Exabytes Network Singapore Pte. Ltd.
38638IP Core Corporation
38719Dreamscape Networks Limited
38750Telemedia Dinamika Sarana PT
38816Shell Information Technology International B.V. N
38862TullettPrebon Singapore Multihoming I
38870BGC Partners - APAC
38891Measat Transit Measat Teleport and Broadcast C
39180Lasotel SAS
39784Nokia Oyj
39832Opera Norway AS
39855Mod Mission Critical LLC
40009BitGravity Inc.
40065CNServers LLC
40513Edge Technology Group LLC
40627Ringcentral Inc
40676Psychz Networks
40747Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
40934Fortinet Inc.
41095IPTP Ltd
41227InsightoMetrics B.V.
41281KeFF Networks Ltd
41378Kirino LLC
41564Orion Network Limited
41690Dailymotion S.A.
41717Telfly Technology Limited
41725Legaco Networks B.V.
43009Infobip Limited
43181Meta Networks Ltd
43289Trabia SRL
43927Hosterion SRL
44022Barclays Bank PLC
44356Epsilon Telecommunications Ltd
44444Forcepoint Cloud Ltd
44592Skylink Data Center BV
45102Alibaba US Technology Co. Ltd.
45133Singapore Polytechnic
45139Microsoft Corp
45143Singtel Mobile Internet Service Provider Singapore
45166Pacific Internet Pte Ltd
45187Rackspace IT Hosting AS IT Hosting Provider Hong Kong
45250Vocom International Telecommunications AP Area
45352IP ServerOne Solutions Sdn Bhd
45452Sabre Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
454708 to Infinity Pte Ltd
45474Nexusguard Limited
45477AP Transit Pte Ltd
45494Nren Asn for Misc. Root Servers and Community
4563410 Science Park Road
45652VPLS VPLS Asia
45668AIMS Data Centre Sdn Bhd
45736Esys Technologies Pte Ltd
4575563 Chulia
45794NTT Singapore - IP Network RFC 2270
458021 DNA Way
45887GPLHost LLC
459383 Tai Seng Drive 04-00
46078Dimension Data AP Kaki Bukit Singapore
46160Skytap Inc
47444Novartis AG
47583Hostinger International Limited
48024NeroCloud LTD
48266Catixs Ltd
48273essensys Ltd
48328retarus GmbH
48851Radware Ltd
49121Infinity Telecom s.r.o.
49362DSV A/S
49484AudioCodes Ltd
50131Spartan Host Ltd
50611Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH
51847Nearoute Limited
51964Orange Business Services U.S. Inc.
52471Columbus Networks Dominicana S.A.
53712Wellington Management Company LLP
53766VMware Inc.
53813Zscaler Inc.
54092DRW Holdings LLC
54187EZE Castle Integration Inc.
54201We Link Networks LLC
54203Strong Technology LLC.
54290Hostwinds LLC.
54538Palo Alto Networks
54825Packet Host Inc.
54994Meteverse Limited.
55256Netskope Inc
55293A2 Hosting Inc.
55348AS Number for Singapore POP for
554154 Shenton Way
55426Amphenol FCI Asia Pte Ltd
55430StarHub Ltd
5548760 Woodlands Industrial Park D Street 2
55504BP Australia
55518Singapore Internet Exchange Limited
55553Singtel Singapore Telecommunications Limited
555625 Temasek Boulev
55720Gigabit Hosting Sdn Bhd
55781Fujitsu Asia Pte. Ltd.
55818MC-IX Matrix Internet Exchange RS-1
55836Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
55843Acclivis Technology Solution
558543 Killiney Road 09-0106
55855Playpark Pte. Ltd.
5591920 Dover Drive Singapore 138682
55933Cloudie Limited
55967BAIDU Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co. Ltd.
56039SPH Media Limited
5604399 Bukit Timah Road
56111Agarto Sdn Bhd
56172Agora Communications Pte Ltd
56173Internet Content Provider
56175198 Yishun Ave 9
56197KDDI Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
561987 Changi Business Crescent
562892 Changi Business Park Crescent
56300MyRepublic Ltd.
56308Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte.Ltd
56311Morgan Stanley
56467Kartina World LLP
57695Misaka Network Inc.
57976Blizzard Entertainment Inc
58061Scalaxy B.V.
58065Packet Exchange Limited
58436SecureAX Pte Ltd
58513Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte.Ltd
58521Garena Online Pte Ltd
585625 Ang Mo Kio Street 62
58580Fastrack Technology
58621Vodien Internet Solutions Pte Ltd
58642HRC Technologies Ltd
5872251 Jalan Lanjut
58738DiviNetworks Ltd.
587951 North Bridge Road 19-09
58815Telekomunikasi Indonesia International PT
58885Iqon Global Pte Ltd
58894Schneider Electric Australia Pty Ltd
59065PAYPALCN PayPal Network Information Services Shanghai Co. L
59238Innovative Extremist Co. Ltd.
59253LeaseWeb Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
59258150 Cecil Street 14-03
59326DSO National Laboratories
59347Cloud Telecommunications S PTE. LTD. Pte. Ltd.
5936730 Bukit Pasoh Road
59369Bbix Singapore Pte. Ltd.
59451Al-Bank Al-Arabi PLC. CO.
59796StormWall s.r.o.
59798Zenlayer Inc
59851SiteGround Hosting EOOD
60068DataCamp Limited
60781LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V.
61112Akile Ltd
61292Blix Group AS
61317Hivelocity Inc
61327MTX Connect S. a r.l.
62014Telegram Messenger INC
62240Clouvider Limited
62579VirtualShield LLC
62597NSONE Inc
62610Zenlayer Inc
62713Pubmatic Inc.
63086Uber Technologies Inc
63139bEdge Co Limited
63168T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.
63199CDS Global Cloud Co. Ltd
63293Facebook Inc.
63440Telnyx LLC
63473HostHatch LLC
6383210 Collyer Quay
63888TISP Limited
63902Shine Telecom Co. Ltd.
63916IPTelecom Global
63930Ready Server Pte Ltd
63949Akamai Connected Cloud
639565G Network Operations Pty Ltd
6398143F AIA Tower 183 Electric Road North Point Hong Kong
63989DE-CORP Web Hosting Company Japan
640038 Anthony Road
64010BasicBrix LLP
64049Reliance Jio Infocomm Pte Ltd Singapore
64050BGPNET Global ASN
64086Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited AN
64267Sprious LLC
64286LogicWeb Inc.
64294Panasonic Avionics Corporation
64923Reserved - Private ASN
131111PT Mora Telematika Indonesia
131195Sim Headquarters
131199Nexeon Technologies Inc.
1312178 Kallang Sector
131219Indosat Singapore Pte. Ltd.
131236Genworx Pte Ltd
131244Invisalign Singapore Pte. Ltd.
131259Cyberaxis Pte Ltd
131314China Broadband Communications Hong Kong Company Limited
131444Huawei IT Data Center in AP
131466Akari Networks Pte. Ltd.
131475Singapore Institute of Technology
131582Quape Pte Ltd
1317906 Raffles Quay 18-00
131899DIG Inc.
131994Deutsche Bank AG
132011Panasonic Avionics Corporation Singapore Branch
132081Government Technology Agency
132111Bigband Sdn Bhd
132132MyRepublic Ltd.
132142Zone Telecom Pte Ltd
132146Rich Top EC Limited
132203Tencent Building Kejizhongyi Avenue
132204Total Synergy Info. Tech. Inc.
13223622 Cross Street 03-54/61
132242Hogarth Worldwide Pte
132247NTT Singapore - Integration Services
13225379 Robinson Road
132265Singapore Airlines Limited
132277105 Tampines Road 03-0607
132281China Unicom (Singapore) Operations Pte Ltd
13233451 Changi Business Park Central 2
13235660 Airport Boulevard
132398Science and Engineering Institutes
13239926 Rue de Joinville
132402516 Clyde Ave US
132403OSF Limited
1324068 Shenton Way
13247270 Bendemeer Road
132526Zone Telecom Pte Ltd
132690Siza Foods (Pvt) Ltd
132696Sgix Services
132708VNG Singapore PTE. LTD.
132739Scaffnet Pte Ltd
132804Singapore Telecommunications Limited
132805Singapore Telecommunications Limited
132816SimplerCloud Pte Ltd
132817DZCRD Networks Ltd
132819Aldford Network Solutions Limited
132824K.B.C Co. Ltd
132825Mytek Trading Pty Ltd
132829Nevigate Communications S Pte Ltd
132850TS Global Network Sdn. Bhd.
133012Cocoa Oriental Network Limited
133025InMobi Pte. Ltd.
133125PG Lion ReSources Aust Pty Ltd
133134Aion Technologies Pte Ltd
133136Over the Top TV
133151R & R Holdings Asia Pacific Pty Limited
133210En Technologies Pte Ltd
133288Balasai Net Pvt. Ltd.
133296Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.
133388IMS Health India Pvt Ltd
133391Sysnetpro Solution Pte Ltd
133411Mediamind Technologies LTD
133422Aviva Asia Pte Ltd
133426Northtelecom Pte Ltd
133449Vastspace Pte. Ltd.
133456Alagas Network Pte. Ltd.
133466Robert Bosch GmbH
133470Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd
133471IHIS2-AS-AP Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd S
133499HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd
133535Primabananen Pte. Ltd.
133550Shanghai Zhongchuan Information Technology Ltd.
133579MyRepublic Limited
133587Bain and Company
133602Neos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
133622Bottomline Technologies Pte. Ltd.
133698Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd
133728Chubb Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
133744Better Cloud Limited
133748Coretel Networks International Pte Ltd
133757Telecom Italia Sparkle Singapore Pte Ltd
133794ABN Amro Clearing Sydney Pty Ltd
133850Airbnb Inc.
133858Vwgroup Aw Global Technology Co. Ltd
133868ING Bank N.V
133903Netdeploy Pte Ltd Inc.
133912Mediacorp Pte Ltd
133921Citylink Solutions
133924Covestro AG
133942Tableau Software
134078Netpluz Holdings Private Limited
134190IPDC Solutions Pte Ltd
134196Anyun Internet Techn
134206DRWSG1E-AS-AP DRW Singapore Pte Ltd
134214Avaloq Sourcing Asia Pacific Singapore Pte. Ltd.
134245Nano Systems Pty Limited
134349Panduit Singapore Pte Ltd
134363EZIT Solutions Pte Ltd
134407Mediacorp Pte Ltd
134411Manhattan Associates India Development Centre P
134457BMC Software Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
134469DS2PL-AS-AP Digital Singapore 2 Pte Ltd
134474Micro Cloud Technology Pte. Ltd.
134515NOV Rig Solutions Pte Ltd
134534ATT NBE Equinix Singapore
134546Maybank Singapore Limited
134594Avnet Asia Pte Ltd
134677Dromatics Systems Pte Ltd
134700SinoyCloud Limited
134739AGB Communication Co.Ltd
134822ITTACN2-AS-AP Govt of India
134823Sky Digital Co. Ltd.
134831PropertyGuru Pte Ltd
134835Starry Network Limited
134839PropertyGuru Pte Ltd
134842PGAS Telecommunications International Pte. Ltd Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited
134981Uber Singapore Technology Pte. Ltd
134998Green Packet Global Pte. Ltd.
135002Singapore Exchange Limited
135008Government Technology Agency
135009Singapore Exchange Limited
135010Winspeed Network HK Limited
135014Crosspoint Telecom Pte. Ltd.
135026Thinkdream Technology Limited
135048Singapore Pools Private Limited
135066Schroders Investment Management Singapore Limited
135072Centrics Networks Pte Ltd
135097Luogelang France Limited
135134Soon Keat Neo
135158Softnet Limited
135291Apptio Singapore Pte. Ltd.
135354Naver Business Platform Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
135377UCloud Information Technology HK Limited
135391Aofei Data International Company Limited
135409Kacific Broadband Satellites Pte Ltd
135411Red Grapes Pte Ltd
135412Singapore Network Information Centre
135521Robert Bosch South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
135522Aveva Software Singapore Pte. Ltd.
135525Exoduspoint Capital Management Singapore Pte. LT
135526KM Holdings Pty Ltd
135530Acronis Asia Pte. Ltd
135531Global Integrated Communications Pte Ltd
135567Airmax Private Limited
135592Spectrum Brands Inc.
135600Whiz Communications Pte Ltd
135607InfiniVAN Incorporated
135652Sonet Global Technology Limited
135671RBB Infotech
135905Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group
136041Singapore Telecom Connectplus
136052PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia
136149Mediacorp Pte Ltd
136169DBS Bank Ltd
136202Freepoint Commodities Singapore Pte. Ltd.
136261Emerson Network Power Singapore Pte Ltd
136271IMS Health India Pvt Ltd
136439Defence Science Technology Agency
136462Mootech Asia
136464Pacific Internet Pte Ltd
136473Meta Networks Ltd
136511Toku Pte.Ltd
136513Corporate Technologies Incorporated
136520MYKLNET Solutions
136537Squarepoint Operations Private Limited
1365533I Network Pte Ltd
136557Host Universal Pty Ltd
136565Cyberworld Cyberworld
136599Devor Technologies Pte. Ltd.
136601Government Technology Agency
136606Crystal Net Pte Ltd
136733Racks Central Pte Ltd
136736Neolink Technology Pte. Ltd.
136744Dream Power Technology Limited
136764Fast CDN
136772Dassault Systemes Australia Pty Ltd
136785Toffs Technologies Pte Ltd
136787Tefincom S.A.
136897EnjoyVC Cloud Group Limited.
136904Honeywell Pte Ltd
136907Huawei Clouds
136915Outer Rim Entertainment
136933GigabitBank Global
136975Global Technology
137130Punjab National Bank
137182Blue Wireless Pte Ltd
137205CIMB Bank Berhad
137220Texas Instruments Inc
137253DCSG 7000 AMK Pte. Ltd.
137263Netease Hong Kong Limited
137269Novartis Singapore Pte Ltd
137272Psideo Singapore Pte Ltd
137409GSL Networks Pty Ltd
137437Airbnb Inc.
137443Anchnet Asia Limited
137451Hong Kong Business Telecom Limited
137456BHP MBFC Tower 2 Singapore
137476Cargill Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd
137563Flow Traders Asia Pte. Ltd.
137567Campana Group Pte. Ltd.
137825Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions S.C.P.A S
137831Shopee Singapore Private Limited
137922iBoss Inc.
137932IPDC Solutions Pte Ltd
137948Diebold Nixdorf Singapore Pte. Ltd.
137962Greypanel Pte Ltd
137991Lifeway Singapore Pte. Ltd.
138199TRANSATEL1-AS-AP Transatel
138341Shopee Singapore Private Limited
138345StarHub Ltd
138419Pico Singapore Pte. Ltd.
138433GMO GlobalSign Pte Ltd
138458NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
138459NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
138463Interactive Brokers Singapore Pte. Ltd
138539Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte. Ltd.
138552RTB House Pte. Ltd.
138571Superclouds Limited
138577Xiamen Zhongheng Technology Ltd
138588Dieboldnixdorf4 Diebold Nixdorf Singapore Pte. Ltd.
138593Dieboldnixdorf3 Diebold Nixdorf Singapore Pte. Ltd.
138608Cloud Host Pte Ltd
138610Sap_se_sin Sap Se
138626Avaloq Sourcing Asia Pacific Singapore Pte. Ltd.
138699Tiktok Pte. Ltd.
138915Kaopu Cloud HK Limited
138938Northern Trust Corporation
138947Northern Trust Corporation
138948Northern Trust Corporation
138968Rainbow Network Limited
138997Eons Data Communications Limited
139021WEST263GO-HK West263 International Limited
139028Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd
139057Legend Dynasty Pte. Ltd.
139062Synamedia Asia Private Ltd
139072Wework Singapore Pte. Ltd.
139190Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
139291Infinitium Holdings Pte. Ltd.
139345Hyve Managed Hosting Corp Inc
139349Diebold Nixdorf Singapore Pte. Ltd.
139617Iseas Yusof Ishak Institute
139625Zenlayer Singapore Pte. Ltd
139636Workday Australia Pty Ltd
139646Hong Kong Megalayer Technology Co. Limited
139655SingCash Pte. Ltd.
139690DBS Bank Ltd
139706Transaction Network Services
139709Ezsvs Singaporepte. Ltd.
139739Hsin Yi Pte Ltd
139746FlexTrade Systems Pte Ltd
139805Zeyond Limited
139829Rignet Pte Ltd
139883SPTel Pte. Ltd.
139895Air Liquide Industrial Services Pte Ltd
140101E-Speed Stabilizing Network Technology Pte. Ltd
140107Citis Cloud Group Limited
140224StarCloud Global Pte. Ltd.
140227Hong Kong Communications International Co. Lim
140362LinusCloud Network
140443PT Herza Digital Indonesia
140577Ahrefs Pte Ltd
140592Government Technology Agency
140605ShareInvestor Pte Ltd
140610Bayer South East Asia Pte Ltd
140627OneQode Gaming Carrier
140629Anzenna Solutions
140661PSA Corporation Ltd
140677G8-AS-AP Group8 Cyber Pte. Ltd.
140693The Walt Disney Company HK Ltd
140709Beijing Kaopu Cloud Technology Co. Ltd
140719M1PL-AS-AP 201309973N
140733Wujidun Network Limited
140845Threadneedle Investments Singapore Pte. Limited
140902Infatica Pte. Ltd
140920Hiclouds Singapore
140939Tenpage Pte Ltd
140952Strong Technology LLC
140982Esys Technologies Pte Ltd
141042Decathlon Singapore Pte. Ltd.
141167AgotoZ HK Limited
141171Signal LLC
141180Huawei International Pte. Ltd.
141190Jindun Technology PTE. Ltd.
141205Maybank Securities Pte Ltd
141235Primexm Networks Singapore Pte. Ltd
141354Tinreat Pte. Ltd.
141379iShine Cloud Limited
141383Coolnet Pte. Ltd.
141384Internet Society Asia Limited
141389Goip Business Solution Pte. Ltd.
141435Bayer South East Asia Pte Ltd
141469Cargill Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd
141678Private Limited Company
141697Crimsonlogic Pte Ltd
141753China Broadband Communications Ltd
141760Mercedes-Benz Singapore Pte. Ltd.
141768Hong Kong Bridge Info-Tech Limited
141918PT DesktopIP Teknologi Indonesia
141995Contabo Asia Private Limited
142032High Family Technology Co. Limited
142066Northern Point Technology Private Limited
142110Northern Point Technology Private Limited
142119NEX Corporateit Pte Ltd
142138EEMONT1-AS-AP Eemont Private Limited
142146Sandhill Solution Pte. Ltd.
142160Joyo Technology Pte. Ltd.
142275Incubatec SRL
142564Citibank NA Singapore Branch
142565Bangmod Cloud Pte. Ltd.
142594SpeedyPage Ltd
146834XUNYOU SiChuan XunYou Network Technologe Limit Co
146962Gateway Technology Development Pte. Ltd.
147049Packethub S.A.
147176NZ Network Enterprise Co. Ltd.
147181Flarezen Ltd.
147293Nearoute Limited.
1480001.10.10.10 - Indian Public DNS
148992Changxin Global
149020WebHorizon Internet Services
149196Zaif Computers
149197Girdhari Computers
149242Ananya Computers
149290Cloud Telecommunications S PTE. LTD.
149431Pricewaterhousecoopers IT Services Singapore Pte
149485MonoCloud Pty Ltd
149493HRT SG Pte. Ltd.
149710PT Gemilang Catur Persada
149852Yasuda Network Ltd
149981Legend Dynasty Pte. Ltd.
150003Retn Pte. Ltd.
150120Best Edge Global
150150AISANIE1-AS-AP Aisanie Data Services Limited
150158PHSS Cam Indo Co . Ltd.
150171DigiSigma Pte. Ltd.
150347Planisware Singapore Pte. Ltd
150378The Adventus Consultants Pte Ltd
150432NTC Asia Limited. @Equinix SG1
150436BytePlus Pte. Ltd.
150727Vmon Co. Ltd
151053Asia Digital Exchange Pte. Ltd.
151059Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd
151326DCConnect Communication Pte. Ltd.
151332CoinJar Pty Ltd
151358Finovy Pte. Ltd.
151361The Cubiclerebels Pte Ltd 100 Peck Seah Street
151363Blue Jeans Network
151399Herza Cloud
1514043Go Technology Pte. Ltd.
151481Sunrise Fintec
151495Lelantos Pte Ltd
151609Greywolf Networks Pte. Ltd.
151644OGCloud Technology Pte. Ltd.
197190Finalto A/S
197981SAS InterCloud
199484SAGLAYICI Teknoloji Bilisim Yayincilik Hiz. Ticaret Ltd. Sti.
199524G-Core Labs S.A.
199610marbis GmbH
200017UAB Ecolando
200197Hybrid Adtech Sp.Z.o.o.
200597DIGITALK Limited
200656Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy
200740First Server Limited
200981Oracle Svenska AB
201142Covestro Deutschland AG
201341TrafficForce UAB
202053UpCloud Ltd
202063Admiral Markets AS
202297Skylon Solutions Limited
202422G-Core Labs S.A.
202430Alarislabs Pte Ltd
202656Ivanov Vitaliy Sergeevich
203020HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd
203554Louis Vuitton Malletier SA
203960Rack-Soft SRL
204284Nestle Operational Services Worldwide SA
204843Sterly Veri Merkezi Yazilim ve Siber Guvenlik Hizmetleri A.S.
204957Green Floid LLC
205080Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques
205272Musarubra Germany GmbH
205960KIDC Limited
206092IPXO Limited
206216Advin Services LLC
206607Nexus Bytes LLC
206804EstNOC OY
207319DIDWW Ireland Limited
209242CloudFlare London LLC
209372SIA Singularity Telecom
210205Wirkola Pte. Ltd
210542NPO G-Net
210659Rogers and Lynch LLC
211138Private-Hosting di Cipriano Oscar
211192Cyberhop Ltd
211297Trinity Telecom LLC
211392Dream Cloud Innovation Limited
211459Atha Media Prima CV.
211612DataCamp Limited
211630ECCO Sko A/S
211826Istqrar for Servers Services Ltd
212238DataCamp Limited
212335Simoresta UAB
212459Celer Technologies Limited
212879PageBites Inc
213059Mythic Beasts Ltd
216458Hardcore Communication Co. Limited
272432Magazine Luiza SA
393259Yottaa Inc
393262Todyl Inc.
393954CFN Services Inc
394161Tesla Motors Inc.
394221Covestro LLC
394434Twilio Inc
394493CDK Global LLC
394977Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.
395092Shock Hosting LLC
396259Teridion Inc
396362LeaseWeb USA Inc.
396982Google LLC
396998Path Network Inc.
397630Blazing SEO LLC LLC
398808Arch Capital Services LLC
399073Bunny Technology LLC
399104Conversant LLC
399606Imaging Bay Inc.
399686Semiband LLC
399734Clarivate Analytics (US) LLC
399812Unitedlayer LLC
400190Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
400318Versa Networks Inc.