ASN Lists for New Zealand

174Cogent Communications
681Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
2569Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
2570Spark New Zealand Trading Ltd
2906Netflix Streaming Services Inc.
3356Level 3 Parent LLC
4049Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4610Odyssey Networks New Zealand
4637Telstra Global
4648Global-Gateway Internet
4667GNS Science New Zealand
4763TelstraClear Ltd
4768One New Zealand Group Limited
4770ICONZ Ltd
4771SPARKNZ Spark New Zealand Trading Ltd.
4826Vocus Connect International Backbone
4830AS-WESTPACNZ-AP Converted To ASN-WESTPACNZ-AP For RPSL Compliance Westpactrust
4831Melco Sales (NZ) Ltd
6921Arachnitec Inc.
7474SingTel Optus Pty Ltd
7599Advanced Management Systems Ltd
7696Modica Group Limited
7714TelstraClear Ltd
8075Microsoft Corporation
8100QuadraNet Enterprises LLC
9236AMP Capital Investors NZ
9303TDL2L-AS-AP The Digital Lab 2007 Limited
9343Actrix Networks Ltd
9344Voyager NZ Ltd
9399Fronde Systems Group Ltd
9431The University of Auckland
9432University of Canterbury
9433Massey University
9483Flatnet Networks
9500One New Zealand Group Limited
9559Plain Communications Ltd
9718Kordia Solutions Australia
9727WOOSHWIRELESSNZ Woosh Wireless Ltd
9733Netspace Services Limited
9750Fletcher Challeng Group Internet Access and Ecommerce Gateway
9788New Zealand Inland Revenue - Te Tari Taake
9790Two Degrees Networks Limited
9834Trade Me Limited
9881iVoisys Pty Ltd Sydney Australia
9889Two Degress Mobile Limited
9898AS9898-AS AS9898 IP Services ASN
9901One New Zealand Group Limited
9935AGNS Customer AS
10022Internet Access for Datacom Systems Auckland
10084Western Australian Internet Association
10110AS-MITNZ-AP Converted To ASN-MITNZ-AP For RPSL Compliance Manukau Institute of Technology
10200Web Hosting Provider and ISP Connectivity.
13335CloudFlare Inc.
13483Infor (US) LLC
13767Databank Holdings Ltd.
14593Space Exploration Technologies Corporation Inc.
15133Edgecast Inc. Inc.
16625Akamai Technologies Inc.
17435Vodafone Next Generation Services Limited
17472Bank of New Zealand NZ-Based Networks
17491Consulttech As Number
17492Vector Communications Ltd
17542HortResearch Limited
17649DMZGlobal Ltd
17663Housing New Zealand Corporation Internet
17705InSPire Net Ltd
17994Appserv Limited
18015Fastcom Limited
18017Tuaropaki Communications Limited
18021Unisys NZ IT Outsourcer
18159Netspeed Data Ltd
18199Link Telecom (NZ) Limited
18353Revera NZ Limited
18378National Institute of Water and Atmosphere
18400Xtreme Networks Limited
18407Click Internet Limited
19551Incapsula Inc
20940Akamai International B.V.
22363Powerhouse Management Inc.
22616Zscaler Inc.
22744Wex Inc.
236552degrees Networks Limited
23735Enternet Online Ltd
23737Olypic Software Ltd
23739Gotalk Pty Ltd
23746Telecom New Zealand International
23838Solarix Networks Limited
23869Internetnz Infrastructure for NZ TLD SRS and DNS Servers
23878Softsource Ltd
23905Victoria University of Wellington
23916HOT Technology
23934Turnstone Technologies LTD NZ AS
23977Katipo Communications Limited
24005Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
24006Liverton Limited
24074New Zealand Post
24107Commarc Consulting Ltd AS
24111NZWireless Ltd
24183DTS Ltd
24189IBM New Zealand Limited
24192Digiweb New Zealand Limited
24226Catalyst.Net Ltd
24228BarNetwork Pty Limited
24318Ministry of Education
24324Kordia Limited
24347Intergen Limted. Internet Service Provider - Wellington NZ.
24398Auckland University of Technology
24459NetValue Ltd
24466Accelero Limited
24511Net Trust Limited
24548BayCity Communications Limited
26506Limelight Networks Inc.
32787Akamai Technologies Inc.
36183Akamai Technologies Inc.
36351SoftLayer Technologies Inc. Ltd
37999Television New Zealand
38018REANNZ International Transit Network
38022REANNZ National Research and Education Network
38064ASN for Anycast Peering of
38079Government Shared Network New Zealand
38084Ethan Group
38140NZ Forest Research Institute Ltd
38292Zeroone NZ Limited
38294Serverworks Content Provider
38299REANNZ Corporate
38305The University of Otago
38319Lincoln University Canterbury New Ze
38437Wicked Networks
38441Jericho Ltd.
38473Agricultural Research CRI New Zealand
38477Solarix Networks Limited
38495Transpower New Zealand Ltd.
38586Integral Technology Group
38590Godzone Internet Services
38605Rakon Auckland
38624Paymark Limited
38748One New Zealand Group MT Eden Test Site
38793Two Degrees Mobile Limited
38816Shell Information Technology International B.V. N
38881NZ Lotteries Commission
38900Unison Networks Limited
38906Otago Polytechnic.
44444Forcepoint Cloud Ltd
44477Stark Industries Solutions Ltd
45131Reannz Head Office
45138Christchurch Polytechnic Institute
45140Christ College Christchurch Asn
45164Allied Telesis Labs Limited
45172Jade Software Corporation Christchurch ASN
45179SiteHost New Zealand
45190International Terminal
45215OneNet Limited
45230UberGroup Limited
45249Waikato Institute of Technology
45267Lightwire Ltd
45280New Zealand Technology Group Services LimIted
45285ASN for Anycast Peering
45359MediaWorks Holdings Limited
45459Web Drive Limited
45475Amuri Net
45476Propharma Limited
45577Intervolve Pty Ltd
45620Sky Network Television Ltd
45637Unifone New Zealand Ltd
45641Advantage Computers Ltd
45671AS45671-NET-AU Wholesale Services Provider
45780Broadband Solutions Pty Ltd
45787Whitireia Community Polytechnic
45809ASN for .nz Registry Content
45887GPLHost LLC
45946Air New Zealand Limited
45950Gareth Morgan Investments
46261QuickPacket LLC
48806Stackster LLC
51964Orange Business Services U.S. Inc.
53766VMware Inc.
53813Zscaler Inc.
54113Fastly Inc.
55435Whangarei District Council
55454Two Degress Mobile Limited
554851 Francis Street
55502Level 7 50 Customhouse Quay
55516Universal College of Learning
55524Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology
555612talk Global IP Network
55702Eastern Institute of Technology Limited
55715113 Bank Street
55719Reserve Bank of New Zealand
55729Pacific Technology Solutions Ltd
55746Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
55747Southern Institute of Technology
55759195 Lambton Quay
55785Maxum Data Limited
55793Ministry of Civil Defence
55850Mercury NZ Limited
55857Harvest Electronics NZ Limited
55860Foodstuffs SI Ltd
55872BayCity Communications Limited
55887DIOSCHOOLAK2-NZ Diocesan School for Girls
55926Mercury NZ Limited
55936Spark Digital New Zealand Ltd
56028BTG Networks
56030Voyager Internet Ltd.
56068Lightspeed Technology Group Limi
56101320 Factory Rd
56171Dorys Plaything
56174Eagle Technology Group Ltd
56186Digital Island Ltd
56214Zelan Ltd
56304The Total Team Limited
58061Scalaxy B.V.
58421Parliamentary Service
58444Weta Digital Ltd
58610Telnet Telecommunication Limited
58624END2END-AS-AP End 2 End Limited
58631Vista Entertainment Solutions Ltd.
58742Affinity ID Limited
58936Managed Hosted Applications Limited
58941Ix for Sydney
61138Zappie Host LLC
62164Heymman Servers Corporation
6351973 Sydney St
63979Talk a Cloud Limited
64015Pure IP Limited
64073VETTA Vetta Online Ltd
64076CloudSource IT Limited
64095Blue Reach Services Limited
64236Unreal Servers LLC
131168DIRECTPAYMENTS0LUTI0NS-NZ 96-98 Anzac Avenue
131174Vivid Solutions ISP Auckland
131187Teritary Education Commission
131196Enable Networks
131198Mediatribe Limited
131202Gravity Internet Ltd
131227Yrless Ltd
131239Auckland Council
131254Northpower Ltd
131261Temporary Assignment Due to Software Testing
131272Open Polytechnic
131287Yonder.Co.Nz Limited
131291Lanworx Limited
131296Rexnetworks Limited
131318Wialus Solutions Limited
131326Chinahw 2308 Yinlaige 22 Jinsui Road
131583WIZwireless Limited
132003Network Research Lab
132014Netpoller Limited
132027Hastings District Council
132040Vital Data Ltd
132042Manux Networks Ltd
132058Vian Limited
132066New Plymouth District Council
132083Foundation Cloud Services Limited
132096Land Information New Zealand
132125Braintrust Ltd
132130Wright Express Australia Pty Ltd
132143Harbour City Securitylimited
132174Compass Offices
132219Ministry of Maori Development Te Puni Kok
132240Plan-B Ltd
132255PrimoWireless Ltd
132264Industrial Research Limited
132268Velocity Net Limited
132284Radio New Zealand
132347MikiPro Ltd
1324092-7-11 Shibuya
132449Wireless Nation
132450New Era IT Ltd
132509Digiweb Advanced Hosting Limited
132534Healthlink Limited
132588Yrless Ltd
132593Internet Data Center Limited
132596New Zealand Cloud Service (NZCS)
132692Globicom Limited
132695Novocom Limited
132697TBD Holdings Ltd
132712BCS Group Ltd.
132722Intellium Technology Limited
132723JP Atlus
132727Strata Networks Ltd
132744The Virus Centre Ltd
132745Computer Corner Ltd
132810Telarus Pty Ltd
132815Evolution Wireless Ltd
132822Fidelity Life Assurance Company Limited
132840Neos Systems Limited
132847Network Solutions Group Pty Ltd
132857Full Flavour Media Limited
132875National Pacs Limited
132881Omninet Ltd
132887Counties Power Ltd
132898Chorus New Zealand Limited
132912Fairfax NZ
132917Yellow Pages Group
133043Enhanced Solutions Ltd
133075Telesmart Limited
133090Fusion Networks
133096Mothership Limited
133101Dashnet Limited
133108Wanganui District Council
133124Spark Ventures
133154Gisborne District Council
133186Ao Cloud Limited
133187Ashnet Limited
133188MWH New Zealand Limited
133192Ultimate Mobile Limited
133218Network Edge NZ Limited
133370Todd Energy Limited
133393Naki Host Limited
133396Teamnetwork Systems Ltd
133399HITECH1-AS-AP Hi-Tech Solutions Limited
133400Gumboot Internet Limited
133451PC Soft Limited
133455Skycity Entertainment Group Limited
133480Intergrid Group Pty Ltd
133532ASN for .nz InternetNZ Registry Content
133537Downer New Zealand Limited
133578Doers Networks Limited
133599SL1-AS-AP Stuff Limited
133604Midcentral District Health Board
133608LIVERTON1-AS-AP Liverton Security Limited
133636Fisheye Limited
133729Equinox Limited
133741Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
133785KeepItSafe New Zealand Limited
133857Callaghan Innovation
133870Brand Developers Limited
133878UNICOM1-AS-AP UNICOM New Zealand Limited
133884Airways Corporation of New Zealand
133887CyberHub Ltd
133906SMTP2GO-AS-AP Sand Dune Mail Ltd
133915Organization: Powerco NZ Limited
133920TSB Bank Limited
133928Unitec New Zealand Limited
133950Hoopla Hosting Limited
134099NZ Central Government
134102Accelero Limited
134110MIIT Limited
134118BECA3-AS-AP Beca Corporate Holdings Limited
134131WHAKATANE1-AS-AP Whakatane District Council
134224Cloud Scale Limited
134244Orca Communications Ltd
134359Wanna Internet Limited
134372L. Edwards & Son Limited TA Visionlab
134378Alchemy Networks Limited
134429Evolution Networks Limited
134433Redshield Security Limited
134436The Instillery Group Limited
134444Computer Concepts Limited
134673Gisborneeastcoast Internet Services
134692IAG New Zealand
134730EDMI NZ Limited
134744RJ Watson and S V Watson
134746Z Energy Ltd
134818Epsom Girls Grammar School
134845Wellington International Airport Limited
134967TopQuality Limited
134988Gateway Teleport Ltd.
135021PlatformPlus Limited
135023Maximum Control Limited
135040Integrated Technology Solutions Limited
135047NTT New Zealand Limited
135069Feenix Communications Limited
135087Sweep Internet NZ Limited
135112Sharenet Limited
135142Enigma Solutions Limited
135154Genesis Energy Limited
135157Hilton Haulage Limited
135288Auckland Museum Trust Board
135328Tangelo Services
135344Transactor Technologies Limited
135385Gough Group Limited
135393Kiwi Voip
135400Contact Energy Limited
135403Auckland Transport
135428Fire and Emergency New Zealand
135606Warp Speed Computers Limited
135626Electra Limited
135642Vetnz Limited
135889Softsource Ltd
136015Network Service Providers Limited
136024Nspire Technologies Limted
136157Affco New Zealand Ltd
136269BPAC Clinical Solutions LP
136436Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Limited
136463Wheronet Limited
136488Health Care of New Zealand Limited
136494SmartCall Limited
136499Tech Management Group Ltd
136500NorthCloud Limited
136524Zylex Computers Limited
136557Host Universal Pty Ltd
136559Omega Networks
136595Excellent Software Limited
136761II Limited
136795Nova Energy LTD
136797Turbo I.T Limited
136953VoIP HQ Limited
136960Crombie Lockwood NZ Limited
136964NZ Safety Blackwoods
136965IT Live Ltd
136980The Co-Operative Bank Limited
136990Inland Revenue Department
137052NZX Limited
137217Blue Star Group New Zealand Limited
137257Localhost Limited
137262SMARTLINX3LIMITED-AS-AP Smartlinx3 Limited
137267Sharp ICT
137409GSL Networks Pty Ltd
137448Asb Bank Limited
137465Simplyfree Limited
137469Signify Limited
137471New Zealand Defence Forces
137472Freightways Information Services Limited
137495Skyline Networks NZ Ltd
137914Asea Brown Boveri Ltd
137957OMV New Zealand Limited
138041TELCO2-AS-AP Telco2 Limited
138187Ayone Computers Limited
138189Securecom Ltd
138321WCN Ltd
138348Antarctica New Zealand
138355Warner Telecommunication Ltd
138360Southern Cross Medical Care Society
138398Prodigi Technology Services Limited
138399Vadacom Limited
138686Awacs Communications NZ Limited
138943CNS247-AS-AP Connectnet Services Limited
138973Campbell Technology Limited
138976New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Limited
138980MEGA Cloud Services Limited
138995ANTBOX1-AS-AP Antbox Networks Limited
139005Vivid Computers Ltd
139020B & M Security Limited
139054Auckland Data Centre Limited
139200Arthur D. Riley and Company Limited
139271Simpson Grierson Limited
139272Eastern Institute of Technology Limited
139275Watercare Services Limited
139306Lexel Systems Ltd
139310Mackenzie Agricultural Technologies
139336Freedom Internet Ltd.
139580Rimu Hosting Limited
139656ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited
139681Dynamic Computer Services Limited
139694Kiwibank Limited
139695Kiwibank Limited
139707Radford Software Limited
139744healthAlliance N.Z. Ltd.
139748Hawkes Bay District Health Board
139827Zeald IP Limited
139828Ministry of Social Development
139876Cosco Shipping Lines New Zealand Limited
139906Rural Wireless Limited
140055Timaru District Council
140089Turners Automotive Group Limited
140220Sky Network Television Ltd
140548Reserve Bank of New Zealand
140602Enable Services Limited
140680NRG Automation Ltd
140685Chapman Tripp Holdings Limited
140840Wirednetworks Wired Networks Ltd
140851Ryman Healthcare Limited
140869Turing Group Limited
140870ACCELERATE1-AS-AP Accelerate Wireless Limited
140872Catalyst Cloud Limited
140874Rapidweb Networks Limited
141183Kiwibank Limited
141226Engage Technology Limited
141228Monitor New Zealand Limited
141233INTEC Solutions
141382Fulton Hogan Limited
141413KAMAR Limited
141693Unix Co LTD
141710VENTURE1-AS-AP Venture Networks Limited
141764MMG Communications Limited
141769ITCO1-AS-AP iTCo Solutions Limited
142602TrustPower Ltd
147012LIVERTON1-AS-AP Liverton Security
147051Ethanet Limited
147305Chase Securities Limited
149052Big Noise Group Limited
149310LAYER3LIMITED-AS-AP Layer3 Limited
149479TANK. Webservices Limited
149816Kuwaha Internet Charitable Trust
149820Epworth Corporation Limited
150134Whanganui District Health Board
150287Tuatahi First Fibre Limited
150409Entity Communications Limited
150663WOMBATNET1-AS-AP WombatNET Limited
150723Mega Limited
150795Braintrust Ltd
151191Select Solutions Limited
151336Verge Networks Limited
151475Caduceus Systems Limited
151607Christchurch International Airport Ltd
151839Oji Fibre Solutions
198949DC Protection Ltd
199124Mega Limited
201341TrafficForce UAB
203020HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd
203963SPDNet Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri Bilgi Teknolojileri Taahhut Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.
204136Kevin Holly Trading As Silent Ghost E.U.
204287HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd
205320GWY IT Pty Ltd NL B.V.
209709UAB Code200
210152Jon Arve Vanvik
211826Istqrar for Servers Services Ltd
212335Simoresta UAB
394087Secure Internet LLC
399471Serverion LLC
400377Serverion LLC