ASN Listings for Viet Nam

ASNAS Organization
637681st Floor, Machinci Tower, 444 Hoang Hoa Tha
63734365 Online technology joint stock compan
131421802-room, N01 Building, Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Han
45540ADTEC Media Joint Stock Company
56144AIA Life Insurance Company Limited
55317An Binh Bank
45548Artex Securities Joint Stock Company
55318Asia Commercial Bank
55307Asian Pacific Securitis Joint Stock Company
63760AZDIGI Corporation
45541Bank for Investment and Development of VietNam, V
131371BaoMinh securities company
63742BIDV Securities joint stock company
131365Bo Tai nguyen Moi truong
56142BP Exploration Operating Company
38733Branch of CMC Telecommunications Services C
24176Branch of Netnam Company in Ho Chi Minh City
131409BVIS Royal
131423Chi nhanh cong ty CP GPHT Long Van Ha Noi
131394Cloudovs Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company
45903CMC Telecom Infrastructure Company
38732CMC Telecommunications Services Company
56147Cong ty CP sang tao Truyen thong VietNam
56149Cong ty CP Truyen thong quoc te Incom
63739Cong ty TNHH Cong nghe The Ky Moi
131440Cong ty TNHH Noi dung so Nguyen Bao
56143Cong ty TNHH TMDV Cong nghe Tam Nhin Moi
63748Cuc An Toan Thong Tin- Bo Thong tin va Truy
131363CUC CNTT-Tong Cuc Thue
131381Customs IT and Statistics Department - General Department of Vietnam Customs
63744DAINAM Securities Company
56141Danang ICT Infrastructure Development Center
63741DCNET Telecommunication joint stock company
131401Department of Information and Communication o
56151DigiStar Company Limited
38726Digital Communications Company
131349Digital telecomminication service joint stock
56158Digital world data online company
45552DTS Communication Technologies Corporation
131357Duytan University
24174Eastern Asia Comercial Bank
38249Empower Securities Corporation
131433Eposi., JSC
131344FIBO Limited Company
45894FPT Online JSC
131402FPT Software Company limited
131400Global Data Joint Stock Company
38735Global Data Service Joint Stock Company
131127Global Telecom Corp
131392GMO Runsystem JSC
55312Golden Dragon Company
45546Gtel Mobile Joint Stock Company
38727Ha Noi University of Technology
131131Habubank securities company limited
45902Hai Phong Securities Company
55313Hanel Communication JSC
131397Hanoi Medical University
131362HaNoi Stock Exchange
24088Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Company - HCMC
131435Hoa Binh Informatics joint stock company
63735Hoatoc company limited
38252IACP ASIA Co.,Ltd
131403ICSOFT Joint Stock Company
55308Informatics Center-Ministry of Planning and Invest
63746Institute of Information Technology (IOIT)
131355International gold and investment jsc
131393Internet School of Saigon Joint Stock Company
131348Joint stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of VietNam
38729Kien Cuong International JSC
131345KienLong commercial joint stock bank
38738L.C.S Company.,ltd
55311LienViet Joint Stock Commercial Bank
63765Ligh technology viet joint stock company
131414Long Van Soft Solution JSC
131386Long Van System Solution JSC
131398Lotte Data Communication Company Limited
63749Luxoft VietNam Company LTD
131404Masters Technology Corporation
131130MB securities joint stock company
131364Military commercial join stock bank
55309Minh Tu Telecom Limited Company
131369Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
24035Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam - MOFA
45896Mobifone Global JSC
131378NA HI joint stock company
24173Netnam Company
45550New Generations Telecommunications Corporation
131430Ngan hang TMCP Bao Viet
63736Ngan hang TMCP Nam A
131353NhanHoa Software company
131380Niteco VN
55322North Power Company
131379Ocean commercial join stock bank
56157One vision investment tranding service corpo
131128OnePay JSC
45538Online data services
131178Opennet Internet Exchange
131351Orient commercial joint stock bank
63757Pacific Techcom JSC
56148Pertrovietnam finance joint stock corporation
131368Petrovietnam oil corporation
55324Premier Oil Viet Nam Offshore B.V
131354Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private limited
131383PVI Holdings
131387PVI Sun Life
24085Quang Trung Software City Development Company
131428Rainbow E-Commerce Company Limited
131407Sai Gon CTT
56159Sai Gon Join stock commercial Bank
45545Sai Gon Telecommunication and Technology Cor
131405Saigon Newport
7602Saigon Postel Corporation
45543SaiGon Tourist cable Televition Company
45556Scancom Vietnam Ltd
131434Scom Technology Join stock company
131347Shinhan vietnam bank limited
131419Smartlink Card., JSC
63752So Thong Tin vA Truyen Thong tinh Hoa Binh
131399SSG Corporation
131412State Audit Office of Vietnam
131361Sunsoft Corporation
63759TaDu joint stock company
131125Tan Viet Securities Incorporation
131358Telehouse international corporation of vietnam
56145Thanh Nien Net Telecom JSC
18403The Corporation for Financing & Promoting Technology
131425The gioi di dong jsc
45900The State Bank of Viet Nam
63731Tien Phat Technology Corporation
131408Tien Phong Bank
63740TOC DO SO Technology company limited
131431Trung tam Thong tin Hop Tac Xa VietNam
131373Trung tam tin hoc - Bo Khoa hoc va Cong nghe
131385Trung tam Tin hoc va Do luong - Dai THVN
38244Trung tam VNNIC
56155Tuong Minh service private enterprise
131395Van phong dieu phoi Chuong trinh muc tieu quoc gia
63758VETC joint stock company
131367Viet Online trading service corporation
56150Viet Solutions Services Trading Company Limited
63751Vietcombank securities Company limited
38731Vietel - CHT Compamy Ltd
63755VietNam - Russia joint venture bank
131126Vietnam Airlines Corp
55306Vietnam bank for Agriculture anh Rural Develo
38730Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade
55323Vietnam Bank for industry and trade secur
45551Vietnam Brewery Limited
131352VietNam Computer Emergency Response Teams
131439VietNam credit information joint stock company
131418Vietnam Esports Development Joint Stock
45901Vietnam Export Import Commercial JSC
131388Vietnam HTS., JSC
131372VietNam Innovation Value Added Services Co.Ltd
131343Vietnam Internationl commercial joint stock bank
24066Vietnam Internet Network Information Center
38736Vietnam Internet network information center (VNN
131413Vietnam Internet network information center (VNNIC)
63753VietNam lottery one member company limited, V
131417Vietnam National Coaland Mineral Industries
131360VietNam national financial switching joint stock company
45542VietNam National University Ha Noi
24087Vietnam New Generation Telecom
23999Vietnam News Agency
131438Vietnam Post
7643Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT)
55319VietNam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank
24175VietNam Research and Education Network
63756Vietnam satellite digital television company limi
131342Vietnam technological and commercial joint stock bank
45557Vietnam Technology and Telecommunication JSC
131410Vietnam Television Cable Corporation One Member
131391Vietnam-Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank
38247Vietnamobile Telecommunications Joint Sto
7552Viettel Corporation
131366Vina technology & software one member company limited
38251VNDirect Securities Corporation
45899VNPT Corp
38248VTC Multimedia Corporation
45539VTC Wireless Broadband Company