What Is My IP?

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Frequently Asked Questions

An IP address is a unique set of numbers assigned to each Internet or network device. IP addresses can be static, dynamic, public, or private. IP addresses allow devices to communicate with each other, either on an internal or external computer network. Any device that transmits or receives network traffic gets an IP.

A private IP address is usually 10.x.x.x, 172.x.x.x, or 192.x.x.x. These IP ranges are used for private networks and are reserved as such. These types of IPs, also referred to as local IP addresses or internal IP addresses, are used on local area networks (LANs) like your home WiFi network.

Our homepage shows your public IP address. You’ll see the IPv4 and/or the IPv6 assigned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The public IP address is the IP that is logged when you visit websites or use services on the Internet. Find IP on Windows, Find IP on Mac, Find IP on iPhone, Find IP on iPad

The private IP address assigned to your device, usually by your WiFi router, can easily be found by following a few steps. This IP address cannot be seen by the public. Use this guide to find your private IP address.

Yes. However, the location may not be 100% accurate. Our IP address lookup tool provides all location information about an IP address.

Yes and no. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) knows your exact location. They do not give out this location information without the proper authorities involved. However, a stranger on the Internet cannot find you with only your IP address.